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Tokyo Revengers Anime Based on a True Story? Here is the Facts!

Tokyo Revengers Anime Based on a True Story? Here is the Facts!

Takemichi's time travel story inspired by a true story? Check out all the facts here!

Anime and manga lovers must be familiar with Tokyo Revengers.

This action anime tells the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26 year old young man who suddenly gains the power of time travel when he accidentally falls on the train tracks.

Takemichi, who was 26 years old, suddenly returned to being 14 years old in his first year of high school.

When he finds out about his superpower, Takemichi is determined to use the power to save his high school sweetheart, Hinata Tachibana, who died in the mist of battle between Toman delinquent gang.

Coincidentally, what Takemichi didn't expect was that the Toman gang which was the cause of Hinata's death was once just a small gang when he was in high school.

Combining his knowledge of the future and his time leaper powers, Hanagaki Takemichi sets out on a mission to save his lover and disband Toman!

Tokyo Revengers Facts

Tokyo Revengers is a manga series created by Japanese mangaka, Ken Wakui.

The series was published weekly in Kodansha's weekly manga magazine from March 2017 to November 2022.

Tokyo Revengers then published in 31 manga volumes and adapted into anime in 2021.

The adaptation of this manga was popular and become the most anticipated anime in 2022. 

The third series of the Tokyo Revengers anime is released in 2023.

Is Tokyo Revengers Based on a True Story?

Tokyo Revengers is an action genre manga that focuses on the life of a young Japanese motorbike gang (Bosozoku).

According to some sources Bōsōzoku culture emerged in Japan in the 1950s after the return of veteran pilots from World War 2.

War veterans who were unable to adapt to society turned into delinquents because of the adrenaline rush and thrill.

Bōsōzoku culture reached its peak throughout the 70s and 80s with an estimated 42,510 members in 1982.

Even though it is inspired by the daily life of the Bosozoku motorcycle gang which is full of violence and clashes, the abilities possessed by Takemichi and Mickey are not real and are just fiction.

Even though the story of Mickey and Toman is just a fiction, there is a unique story about a motorbike gang and the mangaka Tokyo Revengers, Ken Wakui.

Tokyo Revengers Mangaka

According to an interview in 2019, Ken Wakui admitted that he was part of a motorcycle gang when he was at school and the Tokyo Manji Gang was a motorcycle gang that was inspired by one of the biggest Bosozoku gangs at that time, Black Emperor.

Furthermore, Ken Wakui admitted that he added Takemichi's time traveling ability to introduce the life of the Bosozoku gang in the 2000s when he was still part of the gang.


The story of Toman, Mikey and Takemichi is not inspired by any real events.

However, the story about the life of the Toman motorbike gang, starting from their hairstyle, character and lifestyle, is all a reflection of the Bosozoku gang which was popular at that time.

Tokyo Revengers is a popular manga series inspired by the youth stories of the manga artist, Ken Wakui.

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