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5 Unique Facts About Rose Oriana, Member of Shadow Garden Number 666


Rose oriana shadow garden

One of the Characters with a Tragic Story

Shadow Garden is a massive organization with hundreds of members. The newest addition to this organization is an extraordinarily talented girl, a student from a renowned sword academy. That girl is none other than Rose Oriana.

Apart from her exceptional sword skills, she has also fallen in love with Cid to the extent that she sticks to him whenever they meet.

Although she appears very dignified and seemingly has no issues, Rose is, in fact, one of the characters in this series with a tragic backstory. Additionally, there are some interesting facts about this character.

Curious to know more? Let's delve into some intriguing facts about the member number 666 of Shadow Garden.

5 Unique Facts About Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana Shadow Garden

1. Tragic Backstory

Initially, it's unexpected that this character would face such heavy and complicated issues. From her father, the King of Oriana, being turned into a living puppet and controlled by others, to her mother conspiring with her fiancé to destroy the kingdom and falling victim to demon possession. 

If you've watched the anime series, you've likely seen the scene where Rose has to kill her own father.

2. Directly Empowered by Shadow

Besides the seven core members of Shadow Garden, Rose is one of the two individuals directly empowered by Shadow. 

The other person is Victoria, number 559. After being cured of demon possession by Shadow, she receives extraordinary powers, transforming her initially yellow aura into a green one.

3. Views Swordsmanship as Art

In her homeland, the Kingdom of Oriana, art is highly revered. Consequently, Rose deeply immersed herself in various forms of art until she wasn't sure which art form she liked. 

Eventually, she discovered the art of swordsmanship. Rose sees swordsmanship as a beautiful art form, and despite it being a bit peculiar, she genuinely delves into it. Indeed, her swordsmanship style is elegant, artistic, and deadly.

4. Queen Oriana

Rose becomes the Queen of Oriana in the future. After the death of her father, chaos ensues in the kingdom. 

Upon discovering her mother's sinister plan with her fiancé, Rose resolves the situation and is eventually crowned as the Queen of Oriana. 

Despite this, she maintains a strong connection with Shadow Garden and allows the organization to establish its headquarters there.

5. Shadow Unaware of Rose's Joining

As you may know, Shadow or Cid has never paid attention to his own organization. Ironically, he is also unaware that Rose has joined Shadow Garden, even though one of the reasons Rose joined was because of him.

Overall, Rose is one of the characters with a tragic story in this series. However, she never chooses to give up and continues to move forward in life.

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