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One Piece 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Rocks Is Actually Still Alive!

One Piece 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Rocks Is Actually Still Alive!

The story of the mysterious pirate, Rocks D Xebec, may not be over as we know so far. 

As one of the mysterious characters in the world of One Piece, there is speculation that Rocks D Xebec is still alive and preparing to return, ready to face Monkey D Luffy. 

This theory emerged among fans who argued that Rocks may have been under the supervision of the World Government, or even still alive.

Rocks D Xebec is a figure of concern in the One Piece story. He was a pirate involved in the God Valley incident which had a dark history. 

Previously, Rocks was known as the cruelest and most terrifying pirate in all the seas, even before the era of Gol D Roger.

Rocks VS Garp

One Piece 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Rocks Is Actually Still Alive!

However, in a major event 38 years ago, namely the God Valley incident, Rocks reportedly died after fighting against Roger and Garp. Until now, knowledge about Rocks is still very limited. 

He is remembered as a cruel, greedy and terrifying figure, even the World Government tried to erase his traces from history.

This is why not much is known about Rocks D Xebec. 

The Rocks pirate group has been active in the world of One Piece for decades, long before Luffy's story began. 

They possessed extraordinary power, and managed to dominate the seas for quite a long time.

In the latest chapter 1096, it was revealed that Rocks was one of the pirates who participated in the God Valley incident, after getting information about the hunting tournament from Ginny. 

Rocks seeks to reclaim something previously stolen by the World Government. However, the results of his battle with Garp and Roger were never clearly revealed. 

What is certain is that Rocks was announced dead by the World Government and the navy. 

The pirate group disbanded, with its members living their own pirate lives.

World Government Propaganda

One Piece 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Rocks Is Actually Still Alive!

The question then is what actually happened with this information and why did they present the information if Rocks was already dead. 

The most logical answer is that all of this is propaganda from World Government. 

In chapter 1096, Ivankov firmly stated that the God Valley incident that appeared in the newspapers only presented the information that the World Government wanted.

They don't know what really happened and the true facts of the incident. 

Based on this, it seems quite reasonable that maybe Rocks is not actually dead as we currently know. 

The World Government may have deliberately covered up the real facts by saying that Rocks was dead so that no one else would find out about his whereabouts.

By erasing traces and historical records of the Rocks and the God Valley incident, the World Government also kept the terrible secret of what they were doing at that time, namely the human hunting tournament. 

If this is known to the whole world, then it is certain that the world will be shaken by the facts. 

Let's just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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