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One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Ginny's Abduction and the Appearance of Gorosei Saturn

One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers Reddit: Ginny's Abduction and the Appearance of Gorosei Saturn

Following the confirmation that there will be no hiatus after the previous edition, fans eagerly discuss what might be in store for them in One Piece Chapter 1098.

This anticipation is a trademark of the One Piece fanbase, and the excitement surrounding the upcoming release is especially high after the cliffhanger ending of the previous installment.

However, despite the skill of writer and illustrator Eiichiro Oda in subverting expectations, readers are confident in their speculations about what will happen in One Piece Chapter 1098 in Indonesian. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm the plot of the upcoming chapter as of the time of writing, as verified spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1098 are still a few days away. 

Nevertheless, fans are so convinced of what will happen that they discuss the events in One Piece Chapter 1098 as if they are already confirmed without a doubt.

Not surprisingly, most of these discussions revolve around the unexpected antagonist who appeared to capture Ginny at the end of 1097, suspected to be none other than a member of the Gorosei.

As mentioned above, the common sentiment among readers is that One Piece Chapter 1098 will begin by revealing Saint Jaygarcia Saturn as Ginny's captor. 

Kuma is likely to discover this himself in the opening scene, recognizing Saturn either by name or his appearance as the man he confronted in God Valley years ago. 

Moved by anger and love, Kuma is likely to head to Ginny's location to negotiate with Saturn and get her back.

Emporio Ivankov might follow, given their closeness to Ginny. 

However, once they both meet Saturn and Ginny, it is likely to turn out as a trap, leading to Ivankov being imprisoned in Impel Down and Kuma becoming a Shichibukai and eventually a Pacifista. 

It is expected that One Piece Chapter 1098 will see the pair voluntarily surrender to save Ginny's life, as Saturn threatens to achieve his objectives. 

This voluntary self-sacrifice is highly likely to come from Kuma, whose selfless nature has been well-established throughout the chapters focusing on his origin.

One of the most challenging speculations about the events in this issue is what will ultimately happen to Ginny. 

Although many theories have been put forward, none have concrete evidence. 

As a result, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that Ginny is likely to be removed from the contemporary storyline by the end of this issue, either through her death or capture and imprisonment.

When discussing Ginny's ultimate fate, One Piece Chapter 1098 is likely to provide context for the additional scenes featuring Kuma that were seen earlier in the Egghead Island arc. 

Explanations regarding why he recently returned to Mariejois, what he promised Dr. Vegapunk not to tell Bonney, and what Bonney saw in his memories that made her cry are likely to be addressed.

Most of this is likely to emerge in the opening pages of the next edition, which means that fans will not return to the contemporary events of this series just yet. 

However, fans can expect that Kuma's flashback will be riveting until the very end, whether it comes in this chapter or in future releases.

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