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The Main Objective of the " Decay of the Angel " in the Anime Bungou Stray Dogs


Fyodor Bungou Stray Dogs

The Noble Goals Behind Acts of Terror Around The World

Bungou Stray Dogs, the anime with the craziest plot twists this season, has reached its final episode.

The final episode of this anime series was nothing short of sensational. Both anime viewers and manga readers were left in the dark about what would happen next.

As you already know, the manga itself has been followed closely by the anime adaptation. So, the 11th episode of the fifth season of Bungo Stray Dogs could air without any spoilers because the manga hasn't reached that point yet.

Now, before we dive into the discussion, I must warn you that this article will contain a few spoilers for those who haven't watched the fifth season of this anime yet.

Continuing from the fourth season, the Armed Detective Agency has been falsely accused of being terrorists committing murders and acts of terror in various places.

This time, Atsushi and the gang have to face an organization that has set them up, known as the Five Death Marks.

The Five Death Marks is an organization with the goal of destroying all nations in the world. In short, they want to take over the world.

Yes, this goal was revealed in the fourth season, a pretty common goal for a criminal organization, right?

But it wouldn't be Bungou Stray Dogs if there weren't mind-boggling plot twists. Leading up to the final episodes, we were kept in the dark and curious about whether the goal of the Five Death Marks was just to take over the world.

In episode 11, everything is revealed. The leader of the Five Death Marks, Kamui or Fukuchi, declares that their goal is not just to take over the world.

Kamui bungou stray dogs

Fukuchi's sword, Amenogozen, has the ability to cut through something across space and time.

With Fukuchi's power to make any weapon 100 times stronger, Amenogozen becomes even more overpowered in his hands.

Through this sword, Fukuchi learns about the bleak future that awaits the world. The sword predicts a massive war that will claim up to 270 million lives.

Fukuchi understands the true nature of war—the pain and suffering it brings. That's why he's determined to put an end to this future.

He's been scheming for a long time, deliberately creating a terrorist figure to scapegoat the Armed Detective Agency.

Coupled with the coin bomb incident at the casino and the spread of the vampire infection, Fukuchi manages to unite the world under his command, forming a human order to counteract the terrorists.

His initial plan involves obtaining One Order (a radio command that allows subordinates to follow their superiors' orders absolutely) to lead the human order. Then, with the power of The Page (an empty page that can be used to rewrite reality with certain conditions), he intends to rewrite the world so that no nations ever existed, truly uniting humanity.

Once humanity is united, there will be no more wars, and the grim future where 270 million lives are lost will never come to pass.

Fukuchi has mentioned that his plan has cost the lives of 500 people, but he believes it's a worthy sacrifice if those 500 lives can save 270 million people in the future.

So, what do you think? Are the Decay of the Angel led by Fukuchi truly evil?

Paman Radon
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