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One Piece 1097 Spoilers Reddit: Monkey D. Dragon's Unique Past Revealed

One Piece Spoiler 1097: Monkey D. Dragon's Unique Past Revealed

Chapter 1097 One Piece finally opens the veil on the mystery of Monkey D. Dragon's past, which has been a puzzle for so long. 

For loyal fans of this series, the presence of this character always raises big questions. However, now we are getting some light on his past.

This series reveals that Monkey D. Dragon is a member of the Navy or Marines. Monkey D.'s family members are famous for their strength and reputation. 

Luffy's grandfather, Garp, is considered the greatest Marine of all time, while Luffy's father, Dragon, was the famous leader of the Revolutionary Army.

According to circulating theories, Dragon was originally a Marine before later founding the Revolutionary Army. 

The reason? After exposing the rot surrounding the World Government, he decided to leave the Navy.

On November 1, 2023, One Piece 1097 officially confirmed Dragon's past as a Marine.

This information was first leaked via the trusted spoiler account @Pewpiece, explaining a number of important details about this character. The first spoiler of chapter 1097 reveals that Garp is the mysterious leader of the Dragon Revolutionary Army.

Dragon is a central figure in the story, founding and leading the Revolutionary Army, a military force that seeks to overthrow the evil World Government. He is even known as "The World's Worst Criminal". 

Although details have not been revealed, his fighting power is believed to be enormous, considering his position as the strongest member of the Revolutionary Army and his ties to Garp and Luffy.

Emporio Ivankov, a member of the Revolutionary Army, has noted the blood ties between Luffy and Dragon, and this suggests that Dragon also possesses extraordinary natural strength.

Despite this, we still know little about Dragon's youth. Born in the Kingdom of Goa 55 years before the present, he is the son of the "Sea Hero" Monkey D. Garp, a Navy officer who could fight against Gol D. Roger.

In chapter 1097 spoilers, it is revealed that Dragon was once a Marine, but left the organization after realizing that the Marines did not always act with justice, as they claimed. 

Unfortunately, this leak does not provide details about how many years ago Dragon was in the Navy.

However, we know that after the Ohara Incident, which occurred 22 years before the current narrative, Dragon was already a rebel. 

The question is whether he left the Navy after that horrific event or took part in it.

In the One Piece story, although the members of Monkey D.'s family have different paths to achieving freedom, they are all passionate and free-spirited individuals, and have all written their names in the history of the One Piece world.

Duality in Garp: Between Marines and Personal Moral Code

The character Garp in One Piece always faces a complicated dilemma between his role as a member of the Navy and his personal moral values. 

This internal conflict has brought a lot of suffering into his life, as he tries to find a balance between his obligations as a Marine and his relationship with his family, who include criminals.

The Paramount War is a moment that vividly illustrates Garp's inner conflict. When the Marines attempt to execute his adopted grandson, Ace, Garp is caught in a difficult question. 

He cried in confusion, wondering why Ace couldn't choose to become a Marine.

As a father, Garp tried to persuade Luffy and Ace to join the Navy, but the two chose different paths.

However, One Piece 1097 spoilers reveal that Garp's role in Monkey D. Dragon's life may be more significant than we think. 

Garp, while remaining loyal to the Marines, still considers his personal moral values, creating an inner conflict that haunts him throughout his life.

Instead, Dragon decided to take more drastic action. He left the Navy and founded the Revolutionary Army. 

Both father and son share a hatred for the evil Celestial Dragons, but only the Dragons actively seek to overthrow them.

Like Garp, Dragon is a sympathetic individual, caring about the fate of his subordinates and those who are oppressed. 

He even saved Sabo, who later became his loyal partner and right-hand man in the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army was formed between Gol D. Roger's death, which occurred 24 years ago, and Luffy's birth, which occurred 19 years ago. 

Now 55 years old, Dragon started this journey when he was over 31 years old, but still under 36 years old.

The description in the One Piece Vivre Card Data explains that at some point in his life, Dragon realized the decay of the world and felt that it was his duty to try to change the world into a better place. 

This prompted him to found the Revolutionary Army, an organization aimed at overthrowing the corrupt regime.

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