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Humanity's Eternal Enemy, Beast in Fate/Grand Order Part I

Humanity's Eternal Enemy, Beast in Fate/Grand Order Part I

After yesterday we got to know what a grand servant is, this time we will get to know their nemesis, the Beasts in the Fate/Grand Order series.

Indeed, beasts are the strongest and most evil non-standard servant class of all, representing one of the major existential threats to humanity itself.

The first known beast is Goetia, King of the Demon Gods, a unitized form of Solomon's 72 demons that was originally created as a magic ritual to guard humanity after Solomon's death. However, after he died, the 72 demons woke up with their own ideologies, took Solomon's identity, and in time formed the body of the demon Goetia who began a new attempt to turn all of humanity into energy.

Next is Lost (Camazotz), a Mayan bat god associated with night, death, and sacrifice. Initially a benevolent and normal king like any other human being, his reign is suddenly ended when ORT awakens and runs amok across the world. At a loss for words in the face of destruction, his subjects committed mass ritual suicide to give Camazotz the power to fight ORT, transforming him from a mere mortal into the bat god he is today.

Humanity's Eternal Enemy, Beast in Fate/Grand Order Part I

The next Beast is Tiamat, the primordial goddess of chaos from Mesopotamian mythology who represents recession, the law of hatred against growth and progress. Tiamat was fast asleep before being freed by a combination of the destruction of the human order, the power of the holy grail, and the Chaldean attack on the Gorgons. She followed her instincts and began the extermination of humanity. Behind her hatred of humans, there is also the joy of motherhood. Tiaman bound herself to motherly love because she thought it was something necessary.

Next is the Beast Kama/Mara, whose half "L" means "Lapse" representing "Depravity" from the greater law of "Pleasure". She is a fusion of the demon Mara and the Hindu god Kama, who is seen as Mara's counterpart for interfering with Shiva's meditation. They represent the negative and positive aspects of "Love" respectively and stabilize their spirit origin by inhabiting a girl. Her personal history and fusion divide her into half good and half evil.

Maybe that's it for the discussion of Beasts, I will continue the discussion in the next article.

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