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Reveals the Strength of Higuruma Hiromi, Yuji's Partner when Fighting Sukuna


Higuruma Hiromi jujutsu kaisen

Lawyer Who are Ready to Beat Up Sukuna

As you all know, not too long ago, Jujutsu Kaisen made a comeback and became the talk of the town.

And why, you ask? Well, it's none other than the death of one of the fan-favorite characters in the series, Gojo Satoru.

Now, Gojo is this powerhouse in the series, hailed as the strongest sorcerer in the modern era. But reality hit hard when he got taken down by Sukuna after an intense showdown. And just when you thought that was it, the battle continued with the entrance of Kashimo Hajime, the strongest sorcerer from 400 years ago.

Guess what? Sukuna, once again, showed who's boss and took down Kashimo. Didn't take long, just a mere 2 chapters, and Kashimo bit the dust.

So, after Kashimo's defeat, at the end of the chapter, we see Higuruma Hiromi and Itadori Yuji arriving, gearing up to take on Sukuna.

Now, for those of you scratching your heads wondering who Higuruma Hiromi is, he's just your average joe participating in the culling game, packing some cursed techniques that are both troublesome and lethal.

Curious about his powers? Well, let's dive right in and discuss it together, shall we?

Higuruma Hiromi's Power

Higuruma Hiromi Jujutsu Kaisen

Throughout his life, Hiromi has been a lawyer who's dealt with a ton of cases.

His strength isn't too far off from his lawyering gig. With his domain expansion called "Deadly Sentencing," Hiromi can create a courtroom where both he and his opponent are brought in.

Inside this space, violence is a big no-no. If anyone tries to pull a fast one, they get sent right back to the podium where they started.

Now, within this domain, there's a shikigami named Judgeman, playing the role of the judge, while Hiromi takes on the prosecutor duties.

Leveraging his lawyering skills, Hiromi aims to prosecute his opponent until they're declared guilty.

The punishments for a guilty verdict are no joke. The person could lose their cursed energy, be barred from using their techniques, or, in extreme cases, face death.

And if it's the death penalty, Hiromi gets his hands on a sword. If he manages to land a hit with that sword, it's game over for his opponent, no questions asked.

With his domain expansion, he managed to take down 20 sorcerers during the culling game.

He was finally halted by Yuji, and now he's on Yuji's side, ready to roll with him against Sukuna.

Yeah, his domain expansion does sound overpowered. I mean, he can even secure an absolute kill if he lands a hit with that sword of his.

But hey, let's not forget, he's up against Sukuna, the guy who successfully defeated the strongest sorcerers from two different eras.

So, we'll just have to wait and see how Jujutsu Kaisen unfolds. Will Hiromi and Yuji manage to take down Sukuna, or is it game over? Exciting stuff!

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