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5 Unique Facts about Shadow Garden Member Delta


Delta Shadow Garden

Unique Facts About Shadow Garden's Most Brutal Members

Shadow Garden is an organization that operates in secret in the anime Eminence in Shadow.

Their goal is to stop the heretical cult that exists in the world of Eminence in Shadow, namely the Diabolos Cult.

Shadow Garden itself has many members, even hundreds, but there are 7 core members of this organization.

One of the core members is Delta, Delta is a member who has a very spoiled personality towards Cid, but behind that he is a very skilled and brutal fighter.

But did you know, there are several interesting facts about Delta that are worth exploring.

So without further ado, here are 4 unique facts about Delta.

5 Unique Facts about Delta

Delta Shadow Garden

1. Her real name is Sarah

Before joining Shadow Garden, Delta had a name, namely Sarah. Delta himself is the daughter of the chief of the beastskin race.

Delta's father had many wives and concubines, Delta's mother was one of the lower ranking concubines, but make no mistake, you could say that Delta was his father's strongest child.

2. Bravest to Shadow

If all members of Shadow Garden really respect the figure of Cid or often referred to as Shadow, then this does not apply to Delta.

Her very spoiled nature towards Cid means that she will always stick to Cid every time they meet.

Yes, only Delta dared to hug and ask Cid to carry him.

3. Strongest Physical Strength in Shadow Garden

Cid admitted himself, in terms of physical strength without considering other aspects, there was no doubt that Delta was the strongest among the 7 core members of Shadow Garden.

You could say Delta's physical strength is right below Cid who is the leader of Shadow Garden.

4. Horrifying Smell

Delta has increased sensitivity of all his five senses, especially smell.

He can easily track anything and recognize anyone just by smelling them.

He was even able to reveal Cid's disguise easily when Cid disguised himself as John Smith.

5. Can't Use Magic

Yes, Delta doesn't seem to be able to use magic at all, when she fights she only relies on her physical strength.

She didn't even use any weapons, she only used her hands and her whole body. Enough with that, she can slaughter anything she faces.

Overall Delta is a unique character, with all the strength and brutality she has, she has a very spoiled nature, especially towards Cid.

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