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Huohuo Honkai Star Rail Review, Not Just Any Healer

Huohuo Honkai Star Rail

Not Only Heals, She Can Also Provide Buffs

Some time ago, Honkai Star Rail released version 1.6 where in this version there are several new characters, one of which is Huohuo.

A young foxian who works as a judge at the ten lord commission, Huohuo is a character with the wind element Abundance path.

Yes, even though she is an Abundance character, her skills are not only limited to providing healing, but she can also provide buffs to friends.

You could say that Huohuo is a combined character of path abundance and harmony. Can heal as well as buff.

So, for those of you who are confused about whether you want the Huohuo gacha or not, let's discuss this kit from Huohuo together so that you understand better.

Kit Huohuo

Huohuo honkai star rail

Skill - Talisman: Protection

Huohuo will provide healing to his teammates, this healing will also be received by characters who are around the character targeted by Huohuo's skill.

This skill will also give Huohuo 2 stacks of Divine provision for 2 turns. The stack will decrease every time Huohuo's turn starts

Ultimate - Tail: Spiritual Domination

Huohuo will provide a buff in the form of increasing attack by several percent for 2 turns, she also replenishes the energy of all her teammates based on the max energy she has.

Talent - Possession: Ethereal Metaflow

When Huohuo has the Divine Provision stack, every time Huohuo's friends have a turn or they do their ultimate, they will get healed. Apart from that, they also get a dispel debuff

In general, Huohuo's gameplay revolves around the three skills above. Heal with skills and get stacks, protect teammates from debuffs and heal consistently with talent and provide attack buffs and energy replenishment with the ultimate.

Is Huohuo Worth it for the gacha?

I highly recommend Huohuo for gacha if you don't have a good healer or defensive character.

Yes, if you don't have Luocha or Fu Xuan then I highly recommend taking Huohuo.

If you have one of them, just take it anyway, you can put Huohuo in your second team to deal with memory of chaos.

Overall, Huohuo is a versatile Abundance character, you could say it's a combination of Abundance and Harmony because she can heal as well as provide buffs.

Paman Radon
Paman Radon Senyumin aja

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