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One Piece 1100 Spoilers Reddit: Here's Why Kuma Became Pacifista!

One Piece 1099 Spoilers: Here's Why Kuma Became Pacifista!

After a one-week break, the One Piece manga finally returns for chapter 1099 and here are some spoiler information from the chapter. 

The previous chapter showed how Kuma accepted the sad fact about what happened to Ginny. 

He had to die from a rare disease after becoming a slave to the sky dragons. 

On the other hand, he also got a surprise where Ginny had a child named Bonney who he raised himself.

Then, what happens in the next chapter? 

There are some interesting information from the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1099. 

First, the title for the new chapter is “Peace Lover” or “Pacifist” which can be interpreted as “A Peaceful Figure”. 

The next information is that chapter 1099 of the One Piece manga opens with a continuation of what appeared at the end of chapter 1098 about King Bekori.

In chapter 1099 it is revealed how King Bekori returned to the Sorbet Kingdom with the help of the power of the navy. 

It turns out, King Bekori got full support from the World Government to become the legitimate ruler or king of the Sorbet Kingdom. 

Knowing this, Kuma then destroyed King Bekori and the navy troops alone by using his power.

After the defeat of King Bekori, Bartholomew Kuma then became the next legitimate king of the Sorbet Kingdom at the request of the residents. Meanwhile, some other residents decided to leave. 

However, it turns out, King Bekori survived the attack from Kuma. He was the one who then spread bad rumors about Kuma and called Kuma a leader who is “tyrant”.

King Bekori still tried to regain power in the Sorbet Kingdom and he attacked the territory again. 

But, again, Kuma managed to destroy all of King Bekori’s troops alone. 

After what happened with King Bekori, Kuma decided to form a pirate group and still maintain his nickname as a ruler who is “tyrant”.

The next information is that Bonney accidentally ate the Toshi Toshi devil fruit. 

On the other hand, Monkey D Dragon then told Kuma about Vegapunk and his whereabouts which is none other than Egghead Island. Kuma and Bonney then went to Egghead Island and met Kuma. 

This meeting resulted in an agreement between Kuma and Vegapunk.

One Piece 1099 Spoilers: Here's Why Kuma Became Pacifista!

Kuma finally agreed to become a prototype for the Cloning Troopers Project project, which we later know by the name Pacifista. 

In return, Vegapunk promised to find a cure for the Sapphhire Scale disease that Bonney suffered. Vegapunk then decided to name this project as “Pacifista”.

This is because Kuma is a figure who “loves peace”.

Meanwhile, at the end of the chapter it was revealed that without them both realizing it, Gorosei Saint Jay Garcia Saturn was listening to the conversation. Fortunately, there will be no weekly break for next week. 

So, the One Piece manga chapter 1100 will be published on November 30, 2023 and the spoilers will appear a few days before.

We finally know why Kuma got the nickname as a “tyrant” and evil figure. 

It was purely slander that King Bekori gave to Kuma, so that people would not sympathize with Kuma. 

On the other hand, information about Kuma and Vegapunk seems to confirm the speculation that emerged earlier if Bonney was part of the agreement between them. 

Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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