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5 Unique Facts About Alpha, The Strongest Elf in Shadow Garden


Alpha Shadow Garden

Some Unique Facts About the Second Strongest Person in Shadow Garden

Shadow Garden boasts members from various races, with one of the most abundant being elves.

Alpha is the strongest elf member in Shadow Garden. Her abilities are incredibly diverse, ranging from mastery of magic to leadership; she excels in many aspects.

Now, for you die-hard Alpha fans of the anime Eminence of Shadow, I'm here to spill the beans on 5 unique facts about Alpha.

Alpha's Unique Facts

Alpha Shadow Garden

1. The Real Leader of Shadow Garden

Sure, the leader of Shadow Garden is technically Cid Kagenou, often referred to as Shadow.

But the actual leader of this organization is Alpha. Right from its inception, Alpha has been handling everything regarding Shadow Garden.

You might have noticed that Cid himself has never fulfilled his duties as a leader; he simply does whatever he wants.

On the flip side, Alpha is the one managing everything about Shadow Garden—from decision-making to operational execution, member recruitment, you name it. Alpha's hands are in all of it.

The size and strength Shadow Garden holds today are all thanks to Alpha.

2. Descendant of Elven Heroes

Alpha is one of the strongest characters in the anime series Eminence in Shadow, and that's no surprise considering she is a direct descendant of the elven hero, Olivier.

She's also the nephew of the renowned elven swordmaster, Beatrix. The anime depicts Beatrix on a quest to find her lost nephew.

So, the nephew Beatrix is searching for is none other than Alpha. From this, you can probably grasp that Alpha comes from a family of formidable individuals. It's no wonder Alpha possesses extraordinary strength.

3. The Second Strongest in Shadow Garden

In Shadow Garden, the second strongest person is Alpha. There was a time when someone attempted to challenge Alpha's position.

The contender aiming to surpass Alpha was Delta, and in the end, Delta was decisively defeated.

Since then, nobody has dared to challenge Alpha to take the second spot in Shadow Garden.

4. Can Heal Demon Possession

Demon Possession is a curse or ailment inherited by the descendants of three heroes who defeated Diabolos.

This affliction causes the bodies of those affected to decay and torment them slowly until death.

Cid was the first person able to cure this disease, and the only other in Shadow Garden capable of doing so is Alpha.

5. Fashion Challenged

Despite having a highly attractive appearance, Alpha is surprisingly fashion-challenged.

To overcome this shortcoming, she often learns from Gamma, who can be considered the fashion expert in Shadow Garden.

Overall, Alpha is an incredibly strong character in Shadow Garden, and her loyalty is unwavering.

She regards Shadow Garden as her family, which is why, as the leader of this organization, she takes her duties very seriously.

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