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Why Did Kuma Turn Evil in One Piece?

Why Did Kuma Turn Evil in One Piece?

Jinny might be a strong reason for the transformation of Bartholomew Kuma into a villain in the One Piece storyline. 

As you know, Kuma is known as a cruel, evil, and tyrannical figure in the eyes of the people. 

However, what's interesting is that there have been moments that show Kuma as a character with goodness. 

This has left fans wondering about the reasons for Kuma's transformation into a villain.

Oda Reveals Kuma's Past

Why Did Kuma Turn Evil in One Piece?

With all that Oda Sensei has presented about Kuma, it has made fans curious about the character's past. 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei hasn't revealed the past of this former Shichibukai until the Egghead Island arc. 

In previous chapters, we saw that Kuma possesses an extraordinary power.

He can transform memories, thoughts, and intangible things into tangible forms. 

Vegapunk then asked Kuma to turn his own memories into something tangible. Although he initially refused, he eventually agreed. 

Vegapunk stored Kuma's memories in a special place.

Chapter 1095 further clarifies Kuma's past. 

In this chapter, it is revealed that Kuma comes from a simple family. However, what caught the attention was that he is a descendant of a race considered as criminals by the World Government, the Buccaneer race. 

He inherited the Buccaneer genes from his father, who was also a part of this race.

The Buccaneer race is known to have the DNA of a giant tribe, which gives them advantages in terms of physical strength and physical appearance. 

Unfortunately, what should have been a secret was discovered by the World Government agents. 

Kuma and his family became slaves to the Celestial Dragons. Kuma's parents were killed by them.

Kuma then became a high-value target in the God Valley hunting tournament held 38 years ago. Despite trying to escape, Kuma was eventually captured. 

While about to be returned, Kuma met Emporio Ivankov and Jinny, his younger sibling, both of whom were also slaves on God Valley. 

Together, they devised a plan to escape from the island.

The Relationship Between Kuma and Jinny

Why Did Kuma Turn Evil in One Piece?

Jinny may be a significant factor in why Bartholomew Kuma eventually turned evil in the One Piece storyline. 

As you are aware, Kuma is known as a cruel, evil, and tyrannical figure in the eyes of the people. 

However, what's intriguing is that there have been numerous moments that depict Kuma as a good character. 

This leaves fans wondering about the reasons behind Kuma's transformation into a villain.

Jinny may be a strong reason why Bartholomew Kuma's figure turns evil in the One Piece storyline. 

As you know, Kuma is known as a despotic, evil and tyrant in the eyes of people. 

However, what is interesting is that there are quite a few moments that show exactly how Kuma is a good figure. 

This is what then makes fans curious about the reason why Kuma turned evil.

The reason why Kuma is evil

Seeing the drastic change in Kuma's figure, who was initially very kind and even wanted to be a helper like Nika, of course made fans curious about what made Kuma turn evil. 

There is another interesting theory that tries to answer this question based on what happened in chapter 1096 where the World Government was the cause.

What does it mean? 

In this theory, it is stated that the World Government finally found Kuma and other slaves, such as Jinny, who came from the God Valley tournament. 

Knowing this, they decided to make a Buster Call against the Sorbet Kingdom or invade the region. 

The goal is none other than to finish them all off.

Many of you may ask, why then did the World Government have to do this. 

First, the World Government considers them to be pests or worthless humans who of course have no problem destroying them. 

Second, Jinny was the slave who was the mastermind behind the incident that occurred in God Valley and Kuma was also one of the "culprits".

Apart from the two reasons above, there are also a series of other reasons why Kuma and Jinny became targets for the World Government. 

Kuma already knows and sees the figure of Gorosei Saturn, which of course they cannot allow. 

Kuma is part of the Buccaneer race, which according to the World Government must be destroyed because they are criminals.

And what might be one of the main reasons is how Kuma has eaten one of the tournament prizes, as well as one of the strongest devil fruits, Nikyu Nikyu. 

For all these reasons, the World Government thought that the two of them could not be left alive so they finally attacked the Sorbet kingdom with full force.

In the raid, Jinny was most likely killed. Losing the last figure who was so close to Kuma and who cared about him and was the only one he had, meant that in the end Kuma completely lost his smile. 

This time, Kuma was really angry with the World Government which made him turn into an evil figure. This is what then makes people know Kuma better as Kuma the Despot.

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