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Masashi Kishimoto Gives Clue That Boruto Can See the Future!

Masashi Kishimoto Gives Clue That Boruto Can See the Future!

Masashi Kishimoto hints that Uzumaki Boruto may have the ability to see the future in the latest chapter, Two Blue Vortex. 

Boruto has finally returned to Konoha after disappearing for several years, and in the recent Two Blue Vortex chapter, we witnessed his confrontation with Code. 

However, something intriguing emerged during their battle, and Kishimoto seems to suggest that Boruto can see into the future.

Boruto's Words About the Future

Masashi Kishimoto Gives Clue That Boruto Can See the Future!

In Chapter 2 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, or Chapter 82 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Boruto asked Code to leave Konoha. 

Boruto requested that Code leave while carrying the Jyuubinya forces with him. 

He even threatened that, aside from Code's missing left eye, something else might be lost. 

Upon hearing this, Code simply laughed and was surprised by Boruto's attitude.

Code, however, remained unwilling to leave, which eventually prompted Boruto to take action. 

He eliminated the Jyuubi creatures around him, a task that others were unable to accomplish. 

Boruto then asked Code if he knew nothing about the Jyuubi, the Ten-Tails monster. 

Code responded by saying that they were terrible creatures that would ultimately fall under Otsutsuki control.

Boruto replied by acknowledging that it was true, as it was the "basic nature" of the Jyuubi. 

However, due to Code's modifications and enhancements to the Jyuubi, the tailed beast underwent a transformation. 

This is what Boruto began to worry about. He asked Code to destroy all the Jyuubi he possessed because a bleak future awaited if they didn't.

In his dialogue, Boruto stated, "Otherwise, we'll end up with a bad future for everyone".

This is the interesting statement made by Boruto, as it appears that Kishimoto is giving a clue that Boruto may have the ability to see into the future or know what will happen in the times to come.

Ability to See the Future

Masashi Kishimoto Gives Clue That Boruto Can See the Future!

At first glance, what Boruto said to Momoshiki was nothing strange. 

It could be that this is just a prediction from Boruto seeing the threat that exists from the Jyuubi. 

However, if we look back a few years ago, it is said that Momoshiki already knew that the future would look very dark for Boruto.

In the previous story, it was discovered that Momoshiki Otsutsuki had the ability to see future events. 

In other words, being able to see the future. However, he cannot see the future of himself but of other people. 

Because now Momoshiki has merged with Boruto, this means that Boruto can use Momoshiki's power.

This seems to give rise to speculation that Boruto also has the same ability as Momoshiki, namely that he can see what will happen in the future. 

Seeing what happened with Boruto previously when he was with Eida, where he could see the future when his friends were angry with him and Boruto was confused about what was happening, then this speculation seems reasonable.

This means that what Boruto said to Code makes sense. 

Boruto has probably seen what will happen in the future, when something terrible will happen. And the beginning of that bad and dark future was none other than the Jyuubi from Code. 

What's interesting then is that Boruto seems to be trying to change this bad future.

As appears in various other science fiction stories, if someone tries to change or stop what will happen in the future then various other possibilities will arise. 

And when Boruto tries to stop or change that future, it is not impossible that something else will happen after Boruto does that.

Relating to Jougan

Masashi Kishimoto Gives Clue That Boruto Can See the Future!

Many of you may be wondering whether Boruto's power or ability to see into the future is part of Jougan. 

As you know, so far there has been no further information regarding Boruto's special Doujutsu. 

This has also made fans wonder and quite a few theories and speculation have emerged regarding Jougan.

Whether Kishimoto then deliberately waited for the right time to present other information about Jougan, we still have to wait. 

The ability to see into the future is also probably one of Jougan's strengths, especially after he merged with Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

With this new storyline, of course fans are eagerly awaiting other information about Jougan.

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