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One Piece: Vegapunk Will Reveal the Origin of Sanji's Powers!

One Piece: Vegapunk Will Reveal the Origin of Sanji's Powers!

Vegapunk is likely to unveil the origin of Sanji's abilities and provide an explanation of the power of Germa. Currently, the Straw Hat crew is facing the Navy forces on Egghead Island. Luffy is facing off against Kizaru, and Zoro is up against Rob Lucci. This means that only Sanji has yet to take action in this Egghead Island arc. However, Vegapunk may reveal the origin of Sanji's powers during his upcoming battle.

Sanji on Egghead Island

One Piece: Vegapunk Will Reveal the Origin of Sanji's Powers!

When the Straw Hat crew arrived on Egghead Island, most of the crew members had their own roles to play. As usual, through Luffy, Oda attempts to showcase various aspects of Egghead Island so that fans can get a sense of what the island is like. Meanwhile, Zoro and Brook remained on the ship. The rest of the crew then met with Vegapunk's satellites.

After their encounter with Vegapunk's satellites, the Straw Hat crew encountered various obstacles. One intriguing moment was how to deal with the Seraphim. What's interesting is that Sanji was able to face off against S-Shark by himself after seeing Seraphim attack Nami. This is different from when Luffy and Lucci, as well as Kaku and Zoro, worked together to subdue Seraphim.

After the Seraphim attack, it was revealed that Egghead Island was surrounded by the Navy. And inevitably, a battle ensued after Kizaru decided to attack Egghead Island. In this moment, Rob Lucci attempted to eliminate Vegapunk. Fortunately, Zoro intervened to block the attack.

On the other hand, Sanji displayed his cleverness by taking the Bubble Gun from Lilith and sealing Kaku. Since then, Sanji has not been seen. However, what's interesting is that Sanji may have a different role in this Egghead Island arc. Based on Chapter 1093, it's clear that Sanji now has a different mission.

Sanji is known to accompany Vegapunk and Atlas on Fabriophase, where Bonney is fighting the Navy alone. Their goal is to regain control of the Pacifista. This may seem unremarkable, but it could be a moment or an opportunity to reveal the origin of Sanji's powers.

Vegapunk Will Reveal Sanji's Powers

One Piece: Vegapunk Will Reveal the Origin of Sanji's Powers!

Oda Sensei has undoubtedly prepared a story explaining why Sanji, out of all the Straw Hat crew, partnered with Vegapunk. As geeks know, Sanji has a history with another scientist, none other than his own father, Vinsmoke Judge. Judge himself was one of the scientists who once collaborated with Vegapunk in the MADS group.

The scientific changes in Sanji's abilities since the Wano arc and the beginning of the Egghead arc, as well as how Oda will showcase moments of Sanji encountering or battling Seraphim more than once, will undoubtedly lead to something happening to Sanji and the manipulation of lineage factors within him. There is a possibility that Vegapunk will reveal the origin of Sanji's powers.

How will this happen? When Sanji heads to Fabiriophase, he is likely to face two challenges. The first is to ensure Bonney's safety. Jewelry Bonney is indeed a formidable fighter, given that she is one of the Worst Generation pirates. However, facing nine vice admirals at once will also overwhelm Bonney.

This is why Sanji will likely join and assist her in battling the vice admirals. During this battle, we will once again see the power of Sanji and the power of Germa. If he then demonstrates these powers in front of Vegapunk, Vegapunk will undoubtedly pay attention and be involved in that moment.

Vegapunk is likely to provide an explanation of how Sanji's abilities actually work. Additionally, we will finally learn what is happening within Sanji's body. Vegapunk may also be able to explain how Sanji has resistance to fire and how he can harness fire-related abilities, such as Diable Jambe and Ifrit Jambe.

As mentioned earlier, MADS is a group of scientists who discovered the concept of lineage factor. This is what Judge used to create the Germa clone soldiers and conduct various genetic engineering on his children. Vegapunk himself used knowledge of the lineage factor to create Seraphim.

Therefore, Vegapunk clearly understands lineage factors and may be able to explain what is happening in Sanji's body. This information will certainly answer fans' curiosity about what has happened to Sanji's body. We eagerly await the moment when Vegapunk provides information about Sanji in the upcoming chapters.

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