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One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Reveals the Youth of Kuma and Ginny

One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Reveals the Youth of Kuma and Ginny

With the conclusion of the God Valley flashback, here's a glimpse into One Piece chapter 1097.

As known, One Piece chapter 1097 is set to be released starting from next week. 

One Piece fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this chapter, particularly in regards to the upcoming developments in Bartholomew Kuma's storyline.

Focusing on Kuma, the crucial question is whether this chapter will begin to unveil how he joined the Revolutionary Army or continue to shed light on his life with Ginny. 

Although One Piece chapter 1097 could choose either of these diverging paths, the most probable answer is that both will be addressed in future installments.

Fans might expect to see this matter explored through a leap to a time when Kuma and Ginny are likely already young adults, showing them happily together in the Sorbet Kingdom. 

From this point, fans might witness them developing genuine romantic feelings for each other, going beyond their childhood friendship and room-sharing. 

A small time skip might also reveal Ginny being pregnant or having already given birth to Jewelry Bonney at this point.

One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Reveals the Youth of Kuma and Ginny

One Piece chapter 1097 has the potential to depict some tragedy befalling the Sorbet Kingdom next, most likely at the hands of the Celestial Dragons or the Marines. 

Either way, Ginny will be involved in this tragedy, getting captured, or perhaps even killed by one of these two groups. 

However, the latter scenario is likely only if Bonney has already been born at this time.

In any case, this should serve as a catalyst to convince Kuma to join the Revolutionary Army. 

Ivankov is likely to return to the Sorbet Kingdom to check on his friends after the tragedy, discovering a despondent Kuma. 

Learning what happened to Ginny, Ivankov will almost certainly suggest that he joins the Revolutionary Army.

One Piece chapter 1097 should introduce Monkey D. Dragon at this point, with him and Ivankov personally recruiting Kuma into their rebel group. 

From here, fans might see the flashback developing rapidly, showcasing Bonney's life growing up with Kuma in the Sorbet Kingdom and at sea with the Revolutionary Army.

With this, Kuma's flashback should then jump right before Kuma fully transforms into a Pacifista, revealing the role played by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in his final moments. 

The flashback will likely conclude, returning to the present where Bonney's fate hangs in the balance on Egghead Island. 

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