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One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Turns out Dragon's a former Marine!

One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Turns out Dragon's a former Marine!

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1097 have started circulating on social media, and this time they have garnered considerable attention due to the intriguing information they contain. 

In the previous One Piece chapter, we were presented with the backstory of Kuma, Ivankov, and Ginny when they were enslaved in the God Valley region. 

It was revealed how they managed to escape after obtaining a Devil Fruit through a hunting tournament.

Chapter 1097 promises to bring forth something fascinating regarding the origins of the Revolutionary Army and the past of Kuma.

 Some spoiler information suggests that Dragon and Ivankov once served as leaders of the rebel forces in the Sorbet kingdom. 

Given the Buster Call incident in Ohara approximately 28 years ago, it indicates that the Sorbet kingdom was one of the early kingdoms successfully overthrown by the Revolutionary Army.

The reunion of Kuma and Ginny with Ivankov and Dragon appears to be the turning point that led Kuma and Ginny to decide to join Dragon. 

One Piece 1097 Spoiler: Turns out Dragon's a former Marine!

Kuma himself likely realized that he wanted to become like Nika, someone who could free people from their suffering. 

It's worth noting that Kuma possesses the "Paw-Paw Fruit" Devil Fruit power.

Another intriguing revelation is that Dragon was once a member of the Marines in the past. 

Although the exact timeline of Dragon's involvement with the Marines is unclear, it raises significant questions. 

Did Dragon participate in the events at God Valley? Is this connected to why Garp pushed Luffy to become a Marine? We'll have to wait for the upcoming chapters to find out more about this storyline.

These revelations in the spoilers have left fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the One Piece story in the chapters to come. 

The intricate web of past and present in the world of One Piece continues to captivate readers as they uncover the history and mysteries surrounding its characters and organizations. 

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