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Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror, Idol, but Power Ranger?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror, Idol, but Power Ranger?

this time I will discuss an anime that very rarely people discuss, namely Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror, and some things that can describe this anime are relaxing, idol, and power ranger.

Maybe you will be a little confused by some of these depictions, so let's get straight to the discussion.

The first is in terms of character development in this anime there are many characters with different backgrounds.

This time I will not discuss all the characters, but I will only discuss one character whose character is very interesting in my opinion, namely Yohane.

she is the main character of this anime where this yohane is someone who has a character who tends to be angry and when speaking it is blunt.

Now why this yohane is very interesting because her character development is the same as humans in real life, who can develop their nature and behavior because of the environment around them.

Yohane at the time she first returned to her hometown, Numazu City, had a grumpy temper, and that made Layla, her friend have an idea to make yohane happy again by spreading to the people around her that besides yohane working as a fortune teller, she could also help the people by helping them, such as installing new lights in her house, repairing the roof of a leaking house, to repairing a broken washing machine.

After a long obstacle course passed by Yohane in living in this Numazu city he was able to make friends with eight people, he also had to solve mysteries with his friends and solve problems faced by his friends until where Yohane finally realized what the meaning of life really was and he could smile again with his friends.

well this progressing character development that gives a very interesting impression to me.

as a spin-of of the anime love live, this anime actually does not favor the idol side, but the opening and ending of this anime uses all the voice cover characters themselves and has several single songs, such as Forever U & I and Far far away.

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror, Idol, but Power Ranger?

The Power Rangers element that I mentioned at the beginning might make you confused, it came to my mind because in this anime there is a group called million dollars, and each member of the group has his own costume like a power ranger and that in my opinion adds a unique impression to this anime.

So what do you think about this sunshine in the mirror anime, will you be interested in this anime and try it or not at all.
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