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Fate/Apocrypha: The Unyielding Ability of Sieg, Still Hate Him?

Fate/Apocrypha: The Unyielding Ability of Sieg, Still Hate Him?

Anime enthusiasts are no strangers to the Fate series, where possessing exceptional abilities is crucial for becoming the main character in this battle royale-themed show.

This time, I'll delve into the capabilities of Sieg, the protagonist of the anime series Fate/Apocrypha. It's his unique abilities that enable him to survive numerous intense battles.

Sieg's got this top-notch Magic Circuit that lets him handle magical energy like a boss, so he can even change glass into something wood-like using a spell called "Straße gehen: Logic path/open."

When he had to defend himself against Gordes, he used this trick to protect himself, plus, rumor has it he's not bad at basic sorcery, like persuasion and healing spells.

After getting Siegfried's heart, Sieg transformed, gaining immense strength, even Astolfo predicted he'd live over a century and his black Command Seal, "Dead Count Shapeshifter," mimics Siegfried thrice.

Fate/Apocrypha: The Unyielding Ability of Sieg, Still Hate Him?

Basically, Sieg got all of Siegfried's skills and stuff, but he's not as good as the real Siegfried, he needs a bunch of magic energy and those Command Seals to transform.

It might seem weird how Sieg suddenly got so strong after getting Siegfried's heart, but if you know the Nasuverse, especially if you read the Fate/stay night visual novel Heaven's Feel, it shouldn't be a surprise because the heart, or the Spirit Core, has all the info about a Servant just like Cursed Arm and Cu Chulainn, Sieg got Siegfried's personality, strength, and fighting skills after getting the heart.

And when Mordred fought Frankenstein, Sieg ended up with some of Fran's powers after some lightning from her got inside him, he used these powers against Karna and Amakusa, managing to use Balmung over and over and when he fought Karna, he even boosted Balmung with his Command Seal to almost match Vasavi Shakti.

In the end, Sieg even turned into Fafnir, thanks to Siegfried's heart, but he lost his physical form and ended up as just a soul in the Reverse Side.

So yeah, Sieg's pretty special, even projected himself in FGO as a Caster Class Servant, So there are two Siegs out there, one in the Reverse Side and one in the FGO universe.

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