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Buggy's Charisma Shines: Can Buggy be the Pirate King in One Piece?

Buggy's Charisma Shines: Can Buggy be the Pirate King?

In One Piece Chapter 1080, it is revealed that both Buggy and Luffy have ascended to the status of Yonko, replacing Kaido and Big Mom, who were dethroned after their major defeats. 

While Luffy's name is already widely known, the same cannot be said for Buggy, who has been famously dubbed "The Clown." However, there is a logical reason behind Buggy's rise to Yonko status.

This development can be attributed to the image that Buggy's subordinates have constructed, portraying him as the leader of the Cross Guild. 

Following the dissolution of the Seven Warlords, Crocodile promptly reached out to the former Strongest Warlord, Dracule Mihawk, proposing the formation of a new alliance. 

Their goal was to establish an independent alliance focused on hunting down the Marines for bounties. Thus, they founded the Cross Guild.

However, this alliance faced a significant financial shortfall, leading Crocodile to approach Buggy for a substantial loan. 

Unfortunately, Crocodile found himself unable to repay this debt due to financial troubles. Fortunately, Buggy is a character known for his generosity.

To ease Mihawk and Crocodile's concerns, Buggy offered to provide them with the resources and facilities they needed to kickstart their new project. 

However, a misunderstanding occurred among Buggy's subordinates, who mistakenly believed that Mihawk and Crocodile were now working under Buggy's leadership. 

This misinformation was inadvertently spread to the world.

Despite the inaccurate reports, both Crocodile and Mihawk remained unfazed by this development, as it allowed them to hide from the World Government. 

The charisma attributed to Buggy as the leader of the Cross Guild began to spread, elevating his status as a charismatic figure in the world of One Piece.

Buggy's Charisma Shines: Can Buggy be the Pirate King?

Buggy's fame truly skyrocketed during the mass escape from Impel Down, where many Level Six prisoners were captivated by Buggy's "charisma" and aspired to become his subordinates. 

This fascination was further fueled by the revelation that Buggy had been a former member (albeit as an intern) of the Roger Pirates. 

In the Paramount War, a series of comical misunderstandings portrayed Buggy as a man with the audacity to challenge the entire Marine force and even be regarded as an equal by Edward Newgate, "Shirohige."

Amusingly, the World Government also misinterpreted these events, considering Buggy a powerful pirate, even offering him a position as one of the Seven Warlords. 

Buggy's knack for being in the right place at the right time, escaping trouble through his comedic yet opportunistic behavior, has endeared him to the public and, unintentionally, to the World Government, who consider him a force to be reckoned with.

While it may seem comical, Buggy's ability to maintain a facade of being in control, despite being far from the strongest fighter, is a trait well-suited to a pirate. 

Therefore, despite his unlikely rise, he is worthy of being one of the rulers of the sea.

Nonetheless, Buggy may need to set boundaries. Crocodile and Mihawk may not mind if he is seen as the leader of the Cross Guild, but Buggy will likely remain under the guidance of these two formidable pirates. So, it appears challenging for Buggy to become the Pirate King in the future.

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