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One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

Eiichiro Oda still hasn't provided any further information regarding Gorosei Saturn's strength in the One Piece story, but there are several facts regarding Gorosei's strength. 

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn is one of the Gorosei in the One Piece story. 

And currently, the Gorosei seems to be preparing to face Luffy on Egghead Island. There are several facts about the power of Gorosei Saturn. Anything?

1. Terrifying Physical Abilities

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

One thing that is certain about the strength of the Gorosei and Gorosei Saturn aka Saint Jay Garcia Saturn is that they have extraordinary physical strength. 

This was proven when the Gorosei were completely unaffected by Sabo's Hiken attack. 

In fact, Sabo is one of the strongest characters from the Revolutionary Army. His Mera Mera devil fruit technique is able to overwhelm many people.

Sabo even beat Jesus Burgess easily in a tournament at the Corrida Colloseum. 

He also once crushed vice admiral Bastile's mask with two fingers. 

How the Gorosei were then able to withstand Sabo's attack, indeed provides a clear indication that they are not just random figures. 

Their physical abilities, including the Gorosei Saturn, are clearly terrifying.

2. Have the ability to fight

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

One of the big questions fans have about Saturn and the other Gorosei is whether they have what it takes to fight. So far, the Gorosei have never been shown fighting in full. 

Even so, it is certain that they are not figures to be underestimated. 

In other words, the Gorosei, including Saturn, have tremendous fighting abilities.

Evidence of this is the scars around his face. This clearly gives an idea of Saturn's past fighting experience. 

Seeing how Saturn wasn't holding any weapons, it meant he was skilled when it came to close combat. 

And the scars on his face also give a signal that the fight that caused the injury occurred at close range.

3. Tremendous Haki Power

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn also has other facts about his power, namely Haki.

It could be that Saint Jay Garcia Saturn's Haki power level is equivalent to Shanks or even more powerful. 

This can be seen from how they are not worried about meeting Shanks without an escort. 

And Shanks also doesn't seem to dare do anything silly in front of the Gorosei.

Gorosei Saturn probably masters all three existing types of Haki. In the spoiler for chapter 1093, it is known how Saturn's reaction changed drastically when he found out that Gear 5 Luffy had appeared on Egghead Island. 

He looks like he can feel the awesomeness of the devil fruit's power, while on the other hand he seems surprised by the power of Luffy's devil fruit.

4. Devil Fruit Power

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

This is another fact about Gorosei Saturn's strength and has appeared in the One Piece story. 

Saturn and the other Gorosei are shown to be able to turn into shadow figures. 

This was proven in chapter 1085 yesterday, where the Gorosei tried to finish off Nefertari Cobra and Sabo. 

Im and the Gorosei, including Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, turn into shadows in various forms.

The tremendous power of the Gorosei's devil fruit made Cobra and Sabo helpless and finally decided to run away. 

In fact, Sabo was unable to deal with this shadow power because it was too strong. 

This transformation into a shadow may have something to do with the power of devil fruits, especially the Zoan type. Because, all these shadows appear to form other creatures, especially animals.

5. Extraordinary Intelligence

One Piece: 5 Facts about Gorosei Saturn's Power!

The fact that the last Gorosei Saturn's strength is extraordinary intelligence. 

This can be seen from his duties or role as Warrior God of Science and Defense. 

This means that Gorosei Saturn is the Gorosei who is responsible for matters of science and world defense. 

This is the reason why Saturn met and knew Vegapunk.

On the other hand, this may also be the reason why Im ordered Saturn to go to Egghead and be under Im's direct leadership. For now, this intelligence may not be displayed in a fight. 

However, when the time comes – such as in the fight against Luffy – we will probably find out the extent of Gorosei Saturn's intelligence.

Many fans are curious about the Gorosei's strength level, because so far Oda Sensei has never shown it clearly. 

However, from various possible clues, Gorosei is clearly not a character who can be underestimated.

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