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One Piece: Luffy Shares the Power of Gear 5 with Nakama?

One Piece: Luffy Shares the Power of Gear 5 with Nakama?

Gear 5 Lufy is undoubtedly the most powerful power in the world of One Piece, but can he share this power with the Nakama? Monkey D Luffy is the fastest character in terms of increasing strength in the One Piece series. Luffy's strength increase is far more drastic than the other Nakama and even other characters.

This can be seen from Luffy's strength before and after the time skip, where after the time skip Luffy's strength seems to have multiplied. The culmination of Luffy's own strength at this time is Gear 5 which is proof of the awesomeness of his devil fruit. However, there is a big question among fans whether Luffy's Gear 5 power can he share with the Nakama in the Straw Hat Crew?

Gear 5 Luffy

One Piece: Luffy Shares the Power of Gear 5 with Nakama?

After having been speculated and discussed for a long time by fans of the One Piece series, in the end Eiichiro Oda made this happen where Luffy presented Gear 5. The Gear 5 ability first appeared in Luffy's fight against Kaido in the Onigashima battle. This is Luffy's newest strength and the most powerful ability Luffy has at the moment compared to before.

A strong hint regarding the appearance of Gear 5 was present in the SBS Volume 98 column yesterday. Oda replied that after 4G there will be 5G. And finally, in One Piece chapter 1044 yesterday and in episode 1071 Oda Sensei officially introduced Gear 5 from Luffy. At first, Luffy himself still felt confused about what happened to his body, especially since the awakening felt so sudden.

However, after a while Luffy finally got used to his strength, and he called his new power Gear 5. With the awesomeness of Luffy's new power, making the captain of the Straw Hat crew even more difficult to beat. On the other hand, the World Government will be increasingly threatened by the presence of Luffy.

Based on what has been presented so far, both in the manga and the anime, Oda Sensei has just presented some illustrations of the power of Gear 5 Luffy. There are several moments where we are shown the power of Gear 5 Luffy. For example when Luffy's strength increases sharply. Then, Luffy's body is able to turn very large.

After Luffy regained consciousness, Luffy's arm immediately enlarged and he immediately grabbed Kaido back to the roof. Even though, at that time, Kaido was in his dragon mode. And Kaido's dragon mode is considered the most powerful mode, which means that Luffy's power level is above Kaido's. Furthermore, Luffy even had time to slam Kaido's body several times, a moment that did not happen before, even though Luffy had used Advanced Conqueror Haki.

Luffy Shares Power of Gear 5

One Piece: Luffy Shares the Power of Gear 5 with Nakama?

From what has been presented in the story, Gear 5 is naturally the most powerful force in the One Piece story for now. Because, with unlimited power, it means that no one will be able to match Luffy. However, maybe Oda deliberately presented this because Luffy will face a much stronger enemy in the future.

With regards to a much stronger enemy in the future and Luffy's Gear 5 power, there has been quite an interesting speculation among fans. The speculation states that the power of Gear 5 Luffy will be able to be shared among the Nakama in the Straw Hat crew. Chances are, the Straw Hat pirate crew will have Luffy's Gear 5 power at the end of the story.

However, can this really be done? Can the power of Gear 5 be shared with others? As mentioned above, we haven't seen much power from Gear 5. On the other hand, in the history of the One Piece story, there has never been a devil fruit power that can then be given to other people. So far, the way to get devil fruit powers is by eating the devil fruit or stealing someone else's devil fruit power like what Blackbeard did.

Even so, the user of the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit, Model: Nika might be the first devil fruit user who is able to share his power with others. How to do this? First, Luffy could have voluntarily shared his strength with the rest of the crew. The concept is similar to Shazam in the DC comics.

What might set it apart is that the power of Gear 5 which will be possessed by other Straw Hats may not be as powerful as Luffy's. Their bodies will not be able to turn big or elastic like Luffy, but the level of strength and other abilities will increase drastically like Luffy's. That way, the Straw Hat crew will be able to face Im and also the Gorosei to destroy the World Government.

The second way is through genetic engineering. Vegapunk is known to be able to create near perfect devil fruit clones. We can see this from the figure of Momonosuke who ate the clone devil fruit from Uo Uo no Mi made by Vegapunk. Based on this, it means that it is also possible that Vegapunk can imitate the powerful power of Nika's devil fruit even though it is not completely perfect.

So, will Luffy share the power of Gear 5 with the Nakama? The answer is it could be. Even though so far in the One Piece story the devil fruit powers cannot be shared with other people, Nika's devil fruit might be the first to do this. And in this way, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew will be able to destroy the World Government.

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