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One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Great War, Straw Hat Pirates vs Marines!

One Piece 1090 Spoilers Reddit: Great War, Straw Hat Pirates vs Marines!

The entire One Piece and Nakama fandom around the world must have had their hearts beating like drums during war, because the story of Manga One Piece is getting more and more intense!

After the release of chapter 1089 which presented an even more exciting story, it turns out that predictions for One Piece 1090 spoilers for the next release have also appeared.

This One Piece 1090 spoiler is about leaks and theories by fans in fanatical forums about the great war between the Straw Hat Pirates and Gorosei Saturn, Admiral Kizaru and the Marine Corps!

It is clear that the entire large naval fleet, which is estimated to be even more than the protocol for making calls, is present on Egghead Island.

It is known that the Buster Call protocol alone is able to annihilate the island without leaving anything left in an instant, it seems that this time it is more serious.

Because it aims to erase the achievements of Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Pirates who threaten the world government

Furthermore, we can see that around Egghead Island there are 100 Navy warships with a total of 9 Vice Admirals and 30,000 soldiers.

Not only Otu, an important world ruler in the One Piece universe, namely one of the Gorosei there, namely Saturn, as well as one of the strongest figures in One Piece, namely Borsalino or Admiral Kizaru.

There are also other naval figures who are familiar and quite high in position, namely Doberman and Doll who are part of the Vice Admirals, but there are also new characters that will be a surprise.

With the internal conflict of traitors from the Vegapunk tribe, Luffy cs escape is guaranteed to fail. 

Moreover, it was surrounded from all sides so there could be no way out.

Therefore the fans expressed a strong theory that this time the Straw Hats will do a rematch against Kizaru who was canceled in the Sabaody Arc because of the help of Kuma and Rayleigh.

But there is another surprise because not only Kizaru but there are Gorosei who are looking forward to what his strength will be as well as new characters who will definitely give a big surprise.

What is certain, like the previous chapters, Oda sensei will surely contain very interesting and surprising information.

For the exact story, look forward to the official release of One Piece 1090. Don't forget to buy the original comic or read it through the official MangaPlus website.

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