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Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

Before long, we will be witnessing the long-awaited live action adaptation of One Piece. In this live action rendition, we will see the return of Luffy as he forms his pirate crew known as the Straw Hat Pirates. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is confirmed to be involved in its production. Nevertheless, it seems there are several differences that can be observed between the live action version and the manga or anime adaptation. Especially noticeable are the differences within the Straw Hat Pirates. What are the differences within the Straw Hat Pirates that we can already glimpse in the One Piece live action trailer? Let's find out.

Character Design

Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

The most striking change for fans is that the Straw Hat Pirates will appear older than what is typically seen in the anime and manga. This can be observed in the trailer. Netflix is likely to alter the characters' ages, or fans will witness significant changes in their appearances as the characters age. This is indeed a substantial alteration, but it doesn't necessarily mean that this change should be viewed negatively. It must be remembered that the One Piece Live Action will differ from the manga and anime in various aspects, and this is to be expected.

More Mature

Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

As mentioned above, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates appear more mature. This also applies to their behavior. While humor remains central to One Piece, the characters in the live action adaptation will exhibit more mature behavior compared to their manga and anime counterparts. For those unaware, the One Piece manga was originally intended for children. Of course, this doesn't imply that adults cannot enjoy it. However, as expressed by Oda himself, he created One Piece to be accessible and educational for children.

Meanwhile, the One Piece Live Action will differ in that it will be watched by a more mature audience. For this reason, the characters will act slightly more mature while retaining their original personalities. Certainly, there will be plenty of humor in this Netflix adaptation of One Piece, which is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Costume Changed

Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

The Live Action One Piece adaptation also brings changes to the Straw Hats' costumes. In the manga and anime, the Straw Hats almost never change their costumes in the East Blue Saga. Even though this was later changed by Oda in the development of the story, in the East Blue Saga, their costume choices were somewhat boring.

Live Action One Piece will feature the Straw Hats who appear fresh in each episode with different costumes. These costumes were not randomly chosen, but were taken from the volume covers and illustrations drawn by Oda himself. This means that all of these costumes are actually part of the story canon, and the fact that these costumes will appear in the Live Action One Piece series on Netflix makes fans even more excited.

Character Introduction

Differences Between One Piece Anime and Live Action Version!

Live Action One Piece on Netflix will introduce a different Straw Hat crew, and this has been hinted at in several trailers. For the introduction of Zoro, it seems that it will be exactly the same as the anime and manga versions. But for Sanji, he will be introduced differently and the difference is quite significant. Fans know that Sanji was introduced at Baratie when Fullbody was dating.

In the teaser, Sanji can be seen stopping the fight between Fullbody and Crescent Moon Galley. The Galley character himself does not appear in the anime or manga version of One Piece, but only exists in Romance Dawn (One Piece spinoff) and in a filler arc in the anime. That proves that character recognition can be different in the Live Action One Piece adaptation on Netflix. Characters like Usopp, Nami, and Sanji may be introduced in different ways. In fact, the introduction of Nami in the anime version is very different compared to the manga, and similarly, the Live Action version of One Piece could take a different approach.

Those are some of the differences from the Straw Hats that are known through the trailer. And soon, we will find out more about the differences, what else will be presented later.

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