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One Piece 1090 Reddit Spoilers: Mother Flame!

One Piece 1090 Reddit Spoilers: Mother Flame

The manga spoiler for One Piece 1090 reveals that the Gorosei recognizes Nico Robin's voice.

Furthermore, One Piece chapter 1090 unveils that the Gorosei in question is Jupiter.

Here are the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1090:

Robin is discovered by a ship heading towards the northwest of West Blue, and as she boards it, somehow her bounty photo is taken.

Spandine, in anger, explains to Sengoku that he tried to follow her, but their ship got trapped above the ice.

In order for the World Government to capture her, he suggests putting a bounty on her head and sending the Marines and agents to pursue her, spreading a lie that she sank six ships to cover the truth.

The World Government dubs her the Devil of Ohara, lying to the public that the scholars of Ohara were attempting to find Ancient Weapons to destroy the world, which is not what the scientists were actually trying to do.

Due to paranoia about what might happen with her, the World Government spreads the news that she is a threat, and the world is manipulated into thinking that Robin is trying to destroy the world.

This negative gossip spreads worldwide, creating a half-truth myth.

Terms like "demon woman" were born alongside the belief that her very existence is a sin and is seen as terror.

Robin's innocent life is shattered, and she grows up resenting the Government for the injustices they've inflicted upon her.

Over the course of twenty years, Robin moves from one place to another, where everyone tries to either hand her over or kill her.

Robin first encounters such an attempt when she is taken in by an elderly woman farmer, who cared for her and treated her kindly.

One night, the elderly woman farmer informs Robin that they have a guest before they can eat.

The visitors turn out to be World Government agents trying to kill him.

The old farmwoman was last seen shouting at the agents "Now give me the money! I'm leaving it for you" while tugging at the agents' clothing angrily.

Furthermore, Robin is then taken in by a partner, whom he once again works hard on.

During the night, he hears people talking about giving up Robin, Robin then runs away.

After that, they angrily called Robin a poor woman who betrayed their kindness.

He joined his first pirate crew at the age of 8.

However, after the World Government captures his new crew, they think he has betrayed them.

He fled before the pirates turned their anger on him.

They even threw curses at him, calling him trouble.

After that, Robin often sat on a rock in the pouring rain when a dog came to him asking for food.

Robin apologized and said "dereshishi" one last time.

Robin then tries to help out at the shop, but the owner hits him with a stick in a fit of rage, telling him he's not allowed in.

When he was sixteen, Robin joined an unknown organization, but not long after, he betrayed the organization.

At twenty-three years old, she somehow entered the Grand Line from West Blue through the Red Line where Mary Geoise was.

Then at the age of twenty-four, he traveled to Arabasta where he met the Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile, who needed his ability to read Ponelglyphs to find an ancient weapon, Pluton, believed to be hidden somewhere in the country, and allowed him to joined the Baroque Works organization.

While working at the organization, he managed to survive the long haul, safely hiding from the World Government for four years.

Saturn asked Kizaru if he could enter the dome with his speed.

Kizaru said yes but the person guarding the dome was his friend.

Kizaru tells Saturn that if they attack Sentomaru, Sentomaru will command the seraphim/pacifista/sea monsters to destroy all ocean ships.

Saturn states three things that need to be protected.

The three are Vega Punk, York and the reactor that allowed them to create the Mother Flame.

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