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What is the Meaning of Two Blue Vortex in Boruto Post Timeskip?

What is the Meaning of Two Blue Vortex in Boruto Post Timeskip?

The Boruto manga has released a new title post timeskip, which is 'Boruto: Two Blue Vortex', but what does this Boruto title actually mean? 

Fans of the Boruto manga are now preparing to face the latest story from Masashi Kishimoto after a hiatus of approximately three months. 

As known, the Boruto manga has been on hiatus since last April until August this year.

The new chapter will start from chapter 81. 

However, there's something special about this latest Boruto manga chapter. Chapter 81 will continue Boruto's story after the timeskip. 

Additionally, what's also intriguing is that the manga will have a new title, 'Boruto: Two Blue Vortex'.

So, what does this title actually mean?

Referring to Boruto and Kawaki

What is the Meaning of Two Blue Vortex in Boruto Post Timeskip?

For now, there hasn't been an official explanation regarding the meaning of 'Two Blue Vortex', but there are several possible interpretations of the title. 

First, it could be referring to Boruto and Kawaki. 

Uzumaki Boruto is indeed the main protagonist in the Boruto series. He is the first child of the couple Uzumaki Naruto and Hinata Hyuuga.

So far, the manga has managed to present Boruto's storyline, although there have been some controversies among fans. For example, some fans feel that the story's pacing is too slow and drawn-out, and they find Boruto's powers to be overkill compared to other shinobi. 

However, another important character emerged, namely Kawaki.

Initially introduced as a villain, Kawaki is the vessel of Isshiki Otsutsuki and is part of the Inner Kara. 

He tries to escape from Kara's clutches and eventually meets Naruto and Boruto. 

Unexpectedly, their relationship becomes complex and complicated, as shown even in the previous chapter 80.

While Kawaki regards Boruto as his brother, he is actually jealous of Boruto's life. 

He even asks Eida to exchange their lives. Another clue is the meaning of 'Two Blue Vortex' itself, which translates to 'Two Blue Whirlpools'.

Kawaki and Boruto are the center of the story, symbolized through these two whirlpools.

Moreover, both Kawaki and Boruto bear the Karma seals, which, in the anime version, are depicted with a blue glow.

 So, it makes sense if the meaning of 'Two Blue Vortex' represents Boruto and Kawaki, both having the Karma seals and being the central focus of the manga's plot.

Other Meanings

What is the Meaning of Two Blue Vortex in Boruto Post Timeskip?

Besides possibly referring to the characters Kawaki and Boruto, Two Blue Vortex can also allude to another reference, which is the Rasengan. 

And the title will not only focus on Uzumaki Boruto but also on Naruto, who is concerned about the future of the shinobi world. In Japanese, Vortex or 'pusaran' is a translation of Uzumaki.

If you recall, the most iconic thing in the Naruto world related to the color blue is none other than Naruto's signature technique, the Rasengan. 

On the other hand, as explained by Mito, Vortex and Spiral are two evolutionary forms from the same source. 

So, there is a possibility that this new title of the Boruto manga means Boruto and Naruto will evolve into Spirals.

Furthermore, Boruto may want to repair his relationship with his father and save him, as his father is trapped in a different dimension. 

That's why this speculation seems plausible, considering Boruto and Naruto are two significant figures in the Naruto franchise. 

Whether Boruto will seek revenge on Kawaki for what happened is something we still have to wait for.


So, the conclusion of the meaning of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex could have two interpretations. 

Firstly, the title refers to the two main characters in the story, Kawaki and Boruto. 

This is in line with the meaning of Vortex, which signifies a whirlpool, and Kawaki and Boruto themselves are currently at the center of the story, entangled in a conflict between the two. 

They both have blue Karma.

The second meaning is that the manga Boruto itself could be interpreted as Boruto and Naruto. 

This refers to the connection between Naruto and Boruto, both having a strong association with the iconic blue Rasengan. 

Both of them are capable of using the Rasengan and are significant characters in the story, even though Naruto's current status is vanished in another dimension.

It's essential to note that this is still speculation, as Kishimoto Sensei has not provided detailed information about the title yet. 

However, it is highly likely that the meaning of Two Blue Vortex in the post-timeskip Boruto manga revolves around the characters Boruto and Kawaki or Boruto and Naruto, as well as the future of the shinobi world.

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