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6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

You may already be familiar with a tourist spot called Bali, Indonesia.

But did you know that there is another beautiful tourist spot in Indonesia called Dieng?

Dieng is one of the highlands in Wonosobo Regency, Central Java which is famous for its various tourist objects.

In this place, there are many famous tourist attractions, including Sikidang Crater, Telaga Warna, to various temples.

When it comes to this place, it's not only the types of tourist objects that we should know about, but also the food and drinks that are special of this place.

In this place there are several types of food or drinks that can be souvenirs.

So, here are 6 special food and drink in Dieng:

1. Sagon

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

The first souvenir that friends can buy when visiting Dieng is sagon.

Sagon is a food made from sago flour which is burned over firewood.

Before being burned, sago flour must be roasted first and grated coconut and various other spices added.

This food is usually printed into a thick circle shape which has a savory sweet taste special of Javanese food.

Sagon will be very delicious when eaten in warm conditions.

This special Dieng food is rarely found, but friends can still find it at the Wonosobo Main Market.

2. Carica

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

Another famous souvenir from Dieng is Carica.

Carica is the name of a plant that is commonly found in Dieng and Wonosobo.

This plant, which is similar to papaya, has a fresh sour taste which can be made into various types of preparations, from chips, sweets, drinks, to syrup.

But of all, carica dishes in the form of sweets are the most popular.

You can also find these souvenirs easily around Dieng and Wonosobo.

This type of souvenir is suitable for friends who are going to areas that are quite far away, because processed carica can last quite a long time.

3. Opak 

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

There is also a special Dieng souvenir called opak.

This food is made from sweet potato or cassava which is made into chips.

Opak has a savory and crunchy taste that will make friends addicted.

This food is sold in two forms, namely opaque in raw or cooked packages that have been fried.

Raw Opak can be stored for quite a long time and can be fried easily.

4. Terong Belanda (Dutch Eggplant)

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

When visiting Dieng, friends can also buy terong belanda as a souvenir.

Terong belanda is certainly different from the types of eggplant that are usually sold in the market.

This fruit, also known as Kemar, only grows in the highlands of Indonesia, such as Dieng.

This fruit has a sour and watery taste that can be processed into syrup or eaten directly.

Of course this fruit contains lots of vitamin C and is very healthy for the body.

Friends can buy Dutch terry fruit in raw condition or buy preparations from this fruit.

5. Keripik Jamur (Mushroom Chips)

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

Mushroom chips are one of the speciall souvenirs from Dieng that you can choose from.

Wonosobo Regency is the largest mushroom-producing region so that many processed mushrooms are made in this place.

One of the most popular is mushroom chips which have a distinctive taste.

In this place, you can find chips made from button mushrooms, ear mushrooms, straw mushrooms, or oyster mushrooms.

These various types of chips have a savory salty taste and blackish brown color.

6. Kacang Dieng (Dieng Beans)

6 Special Foods and Drinks in Dieng, Indonesia

Finally, there are Dieng peanuts which are also often one of the choices for souvenirs from Dieng.

This bean grows a lot in the Dieng plateau and has a large and wide shape.

With a unique shape, these beans are mixed with seasoned flour and then fried.

This food has a savory, delicious and crunchy taste that is suitable as a snack.

So, those are seven types of special Dieng souvenirs that friends can buy while on vacation in the highlands.

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