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One Piece 1087 Spoiler: Coby Trapped by the Enemy

After nearly a month of waiting, One Piece manga chapter 1087 has finally been released.

Giving a brief overview, the spoiler for One Piece 1087 provides an initial view of the upcoming events.

The leak for One Piece 1087 claims that the story will entirely focus on the battle between Garp and Kuzan on Hachinosu Island.

This chapter also includes flashbacks to Garp's early training with Kuzan, before ending with a surprising sacrifice and a promise of what's to come.

The spoiler for One Piece chapter 1087 begins with a focus on the battle between Monkey D. Garp and Kuzan on Hachinosu Island.

GARP is also shown fighting against other Blackbeard Pirates, indicating that they likely joined the battle after Kuzan was defeated by Garp previously.

One Piece chapter 1087 then shows a flashback of GARP's training with a young Kuzan, revealing that they "used battleships as if they were sandbags."

This likely means that they used battleships like sandbags, which traditionally are filled with sand or similar material.

This contrasts with sandbag-style construction, which is meant to build barriers or weigh something down.

Spoiler for One Piece chapter 1087 further reveals that Garp is stabbed by Shiryu of the Rain while saving Coby.

GARP and Kuzan then exchange powerful punches using Haki, with Armament Haki being the most likely type used here.

While the spoiler for One Piece chapter 1087 doesn't confirm Armament Haki, it is the most probable answer as Kuzan hasn't shown a demonstration of Haoshoku Haki yet.

Furthermore, the spoiler doesn't specify whether Kuzan is confirmed to be able to use Haoshoku Haki in the event of One Piece chapter 1087.

After the massive explosion, Garp is seen lying on the ground, reassuring Coby not to worry and affirming that "justice will prevail" by the end of the chapter.

The spoiler also doesn't seem to announce a series break for this issue, indicating that One Piece 1087 will be followed by One Piece chapter 1088 without any planned delays.

One Piece 1087 manga release schedule is set for every Sunday.

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