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One Piece 1087 Full Spoilers: Blackbeard's Crew Returns to the Scene!

Manga One Piece chapter 1087 truly becomes another big surprise that Oda presents based on the complete spoilers available. 

As we know, One Piece fans have been getting various big surprises from Oda Sensei lately. For example, we were introduced to figures from the past like Nefertari Vivi. 

We finally got to know a little bit about Im's past as well.

Sabo finally returns and successfully goes back to Kamabakka Island where he shares a lot of things. In their conversation, the Ancient Weapons were also mentioned. This time, another big surprise starts to unfold. 

However, based on the complete spoilers, this major surprise comes from an event that takes place on Beehive Island.

Garp's Past

Many fans are curious about Garp's backstory and how he became a powerful Marine. In the Dressrosa arc, we briefly saw a glimpse of Garp's past when Luffy fought against Don Chinjao. 

Decades ago, Garp trained to destroy a mountain before facing Chinjao, defeating the pirate with just one attack.

In the complete spoilers of One Piece 1087, it is revealed that long before Garp could destroy a mountain, he trained in the Marines. 

Brannew brings Jango and other Marines to a pier where two broken warships lie at the bottom. 

It turns out that those were Garp's training grounds before he was able to destroy a mountain. Even Aokiji trained there as well.

Garp Severely Injured

Chapter 1087 continues the events of Garp and the SWORD members raiding Beehive Island. In this chapter, we witness the power of Garp as he throws Sanjuan Wolf into the sea. 

The pirates are unable to attack Garp. Unfortunately, when they all try to leave the island, something terrible happens.

Garp gets hit by Shiryu's sword while protecting Koby, who fell for the pirates' trickery. As a result, Garp himself suffers severe injuries. Moreover, he gets attacked by Aokiji, leaving Garp lying powerless on the ground. 

This has led to speculation that Garp might possibly die in this event.

Garp's Bounty

This information might not be as sensational as what's happening on the island. 

Nevertheless, the details of Garp's bounty reaffirm that he is not an ordinary figure in both the Marines and the One Piece story. 

One panel shows Garp's wanted poster from the Cross Guild. In the image, Garp has three crowns.

According to the explanation given by the pirates, three crowns represent 3 billion Berries, meaning each crown is worth 1 billion Berries. 

What's also interesting is that despite holding the position of Vice Admiral, Garp's bounty is equal to that of the Admirals. 

This is because Garp has an extraordinary reputation, making his bounty comparable to the Admirals.

Garp and Aokiji's Relationship

Before the timeskip, there was an intriguing statement from Aokiji when he met Monkey D. Luffy. 

He couldn't bring himself to defeat or engage in a full fight with Luffy because he respected his grandfather, Garp. 

It is then revealed that Aokiji greatly idolizes Garp, considering him an example of how to act and be a Marine.

In chapter 1087, we get a little further insight into the relationship between Garp and Aokiji, showing that their connection has existed since Aokiji joined the Marines. 

Aokiji himself asked Garp to accept him as his disciple, although Garp initially refused. 

However, due to Aokiji's perseverance and dedication, they eventually became true mentor and disciple without even realizing it.

Fate of the SWORD Members and Garp

At the end of the chapter, it is shown how the SWORD members are overwhelmed and confused about what they should do next. 

Another notable point is that one of Blackbeard's crew members, Avalo Pizzaro, starts demonstrating the power of his Devil Fruit. He begins to move and tries to destroy Garp and the SWORD members.

On the other hand, Garp's ship is slowly moving away from Beehive Island, although the pirates there claim that the ship won't be safe either. 

Seeing this, it can be said that their situation is desperate, meaning their chances of survival are very slim. 

It is certainly intriguing to see what will happen next. 

Will there be assistance from other Marines or from another party?

One Piece fans are left curious about what will unfold on Beehive Island, especially when the situation is not favorable for the SWORD members and even Garp. 

However, based on the complete spoilers of chapter 1087, we gain some important information about Aokiji's past and other details regarding Garp's bounty or the bounty system of the Cross Guild.

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