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Spoiler One Piece 1087: The Battle on Egghead Island Begins!

One Piece chapter 1087 will likely bring us back to the important events happening on Egghead Island. We might witness the fighting prowess of one of the Gorosei as they confront their enemies. 

The recent chapters of the One Piece manga have been truly extraordinary. 

Oda has started to reveal answers to various major mysteries that have remained unanswered.

For example, the events at the Reverie. There were many moments that occurred during the Reverie, one of which was the assassination of Nefertari Cobra. 

However, apart from that, it turns out there were other terrifying moments during the Reverie, such as finally seeing the power of Im and the Gorosei. So, what might happen in the upcoming chapter?

Spoiler One Piece 1087

One Piece chapter 1087 will likely continue from where it left off. We will still see the aftermath of Cobra's assassination by Im and the Gorosei. 

However, the focus of the story will now shift to the Revolutionary Army. 

Sabo was previously shown to have successfully returned to Kamabakka Island with the help of the Lulusia residents.

Sabo then reveals a lot about what actually happened, including who was behind Nefertari Cobra's demise and the true identity of Im to Ivankov and Dragon. 

In chapter 1086, we saw how they began to unveil the mystery surrounding Im's identity and even the Ancient Weapons. 

They also hinted at the possibility of Im having already used the immortality power of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit.


Possibly in chapter 1087, we will see more of the Revolutionary Army's story. We will witness their future plans, their plan to confront Im and the Gorosei, as well as their plan to face the Holy Knight. 

It is not impossible that one of the big plans they have made is to (re)invade Mary Geoise with full force.

If that's the case, it means the war against the World Government will soon begin, and we will see the power of the Holy Knights and possibly Dragon. 

Besides the likelihood of the story focusing more on the Revolutionary Army and the impending battle against the World Government, chapter 1087 may also return to Egghead Island.

Continuation of One Piece 1087

After dozens of chapters showing the situation outside Egghead Island, chapter 1087 will return to see what is currently happening on Egghead Island. 

Currently, the Straw Hat group is divided into several teams to search for Vegapunk and his satellites. However, a surprise emerges when a traitor appears, nearly taking their lives.

The traitor turns out to be one of Vegapunk's satellites, York. In the previous chapter, it was shown that York had imprisoned the original Vegapunk along with the Cipher Pol agents who were sent by the World Government to investigate Egghead Island. York was actually working with the Gorosei to destroy Vegapunk, but he was betrayed by the Gorosei. 

York himself claims to have a plan for the present.

The Seraphim have also been given special orders by York, which are still unknown. Meanwhile, an unexpected alliance between Zoro, Kaku, Lucci, and Luffy pursues the Seraphim who left the battle. 

A big mystery also arises when the Blackbeard group's ship arrives on Egghead Island. 

Fans are curious about who is on board the ship and what their purpose is for coming to Egghead.

If the Blackbeard crew indeed appears in this situation, it means they will truly add to the current chaos. 

And lastly, the most anticipated event is the battle between the Gorosei and the Navy facing the Straw Hat crew. 

The Navy finally mobilizes all their fleets towards Egghead Island.

Furthermore, they are accompanied by one of the Gorosei responsible for knowledge affairs, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

They may finally arrive on Egghead Island, and unexpected situations may occur after their appearance. 

The battle may not only be against the Seraphim but also the Gorosei and the mighty power of the Navy. A pinnacle war moment like Marineford may occur in this case.

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