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Jujutsu Kaisen 225: Gojo Gets Attacked by Sukuna?!

The Gojo vs Sukuna battle continues. But this time, we'll look at it from the point of view of the audience who saw the live broadcast. Not only that, the fierce duel began to show changes.

What are the interesting things about Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 225? Here's the discussion!

1. The fight between Gojo and Sukuna was witnessed by magicians

It seems that the live broadcast of Gojo and Sukuna's fight can be watched on television.

As you can see, there are many televisions arranged in a circle so that viewers can enjoy them from different directions.

That's why Sukuna said yesterday that Gojo's efforts to slander him as the mastermind behind the damage were useless.

2. The concept of Domain Amplification is again mentioned

While watching the battle, many talked about Domain Amplification.

For those who still remember the incident in Shibuya, this technique was used by Jogo and Hanami when they dueled against Gojo. By using this move, all curse techniques including Limitless can be neutralized.

According to Kusakabe, the technique itself works by making all of the enemy's cursed techniques flow into empty space.

Because of that principle, the user's own technique also couldn't be used.

3. Everyone was surprised to find that Sukuna's Domain Expansion had no barrier

After discussing Domain Amplification, Miwa then asked why Sukuna didn't use his Domain Expansion so that Gojo would be challenged to push him.

However, after the witches' debate about the domain, Choso even revealed the fact that Sukuna's technique has no barrier.

Oh yes! Using Domain Expansion without its own barrier is practically impossible. It's even analogous to carrying water without a container or using a software program without a hardware device.

From there, everyone was shocked because they didn't expect such a Domain Expansion.

Megumi's case itself could be considered different because the Chimera Shadow Garden doman made use of closed areas as a substitute for barriers.

4. Gojo and Sukuna release their Domain Expansion

While everyone was talking about Domain Expansion, Higuruma shouted that the two fighters had now begun to release the technique.

Gojo released Unlimited Void while Sukuna released Malevolent Shrine.

This moment could be considered a critical point because if one of the parties received heavy injuries or the domain collapsed, then he would be hit by a sharp attack from his opponent.

5. Gojo's Domain collapses

As one would have feared from an unobstructed domain, Sukuna's attack range actually managed to reach the area beyond Gojo's barrier.

According to Domain Expansion rules, his own weak points are outside, including Gojo's own.

As a result, the Unlimited Void domain collapsed for the first time due to attacks from outside areas.

6. Gojo's neck was hit by Sukuna

Seeing his domain collapse, Gojo couldn't help but fall silent. Meanwhile, Sukuna wore a devilish smile.

And sure enough, suddenly Gojo's neck looked as if he had been slashed by Sukuna's signature technique.

It is still unclear whether this will be the end of the duel or whether Gojo will succeed in getting back up like when he fought Toji.

That's the discussion about Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 225.

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