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One Piece: The Heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit!

One Piece: The Heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit!

Nefertari Vivi is likely to become the heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit, the Nikyu Nikyu, in the upcoming One Piece story. 

After first appearing in the Alabasta arc, Nefertari Vivi finally reappears in the latest storyline of One Piece. 

Vivi must be involved in a major current event that involves the World Government.

As previously mentioned, Nefertari Vivi is currently on the run from Im-sama and the Gorosei. 

In the recent Reverie event, Vivi was seen attempting to escape after being kidnapped. 

Currently, she is hiding with Wapol to evade the pursuit of the World Government. 

However, there is an interesting theory suggesting that Vivi might become the heir of Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit.

What is the Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit?

One Piece: The Heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit!

You are probably familiar with this Devil Fruit. 

Bartholomew Kuma's Paramecia Devil Fruit has appeared in the One Piece story for a long time. 

The power of Kuma's Devil Fruit was first demonstrated in the Thriller Bark arc when he transferred Luffy's pain to Zoro. 

However, in the Egghead arc, we finally received a more detailed explanation of the Devil Fruit's abilities.

As mentioned above, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi is the Devil Fruit owned by Kuma and falls under the Paramecia type. 

So far, Oda Sensei has only revealed a few abilities of this Devil Fruit. 

For example, in Thriller Bark, we saw how Kuma could extract Luffy's pain and transfer it to Zoro. 

Then, in the Sabaody arc, this Devil Fruit enabled Kuma to teleport the Straw Hat crew to various locations. 

Besides these abilities, there is no further information on any other powers of the Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit.

Nefertari Lily: The First User

One Piece: The Heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit!

There is an intriguing theory suggesting that Nefertari Lily might be the first user of this Devil Fruit. How is that possible? 

It turns out that Nefertari Lily existed 800 years ago. She was the ruler of the Alabasta region and played a significant role in the formation of the World Government. 

Interestingly, she is the person whom Im-sama despises the most.

According to Im-sama, Lily committed a grave mistake. 

However, Oda himself never revealed the nature of Im's big grievance. 

Nevertheless, according to a theory circulating among fans, Lily's greatest error was her responsibility for spreading various Poneglyphs throughout the world.

Lily was an ordinary human woman, so the question is, how could she have distributed large Poneglyphs all by herself to every corner of the world? 

The answer lies in the Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit. 

As mentioned earlier, Kuma used this Devil Fruit to scatter the Straw Hat crew to different locations. 

This is also considered to be the method used by Nefertari Lily to spread the Poneglyphs.

Nefertari Vivi: The Next Successor

One Piece: The Heir of Kuma's Devil Fruit!

In another theory, it is speculated that Nefertari Vivi will become the next successor of the Nikyu Nikyu Devil Fruit after Kuma. 

According to this theory, one clue supporting this idea is the numerical representation of Devil Fruits within the Straw Hat crew, as revealed in SBS Vol. 59. 

In that SBS, a fan realized that Oda introduced Devil Fruits that can also be represented by numbers.

For example, "Gomu" in Japanese means "Five" (Go) and "Six" (Mu). 

Then, Nico Robin's Devil Fruit, "Hana Hana," can be represented by the numbers 8 and 7. 

The fan noticed that out of the numbers 1 to 10, the numbers 2 and 9 were missing. 

In Japanese, "two" is "Ni," and "nine" is "Kyu," which combine to form "Nikyu."

This led the fan to believe that Kuma would join the Straw Hat crew at that time. 

Oda's response was minimal, as he was surprised and declined to comment. 

So how would Vivi inherit Kuma's Devil Fruit? 

The situation itself is quite complicated. 

Currently, Kuma has lost his consciousness as a human.

However, Kuma still retains the power of the Devil Fruit within his body. 

The theory suggests that Kuma might meet his demise either in the Red Line region or in Mary Geoise. 

A copy of the Devil Fruit's power may exist in Vegapunk's lab, and the scientist intends to return everything to Bonney out of guilt. 

However, Bonney then gives or entrusts it to Luffy as a gesture of gratitude.

Luffy then passes on the power to Vivi because he knows that she is currently targeted by the World Government. 

On the other hand, Vivi also has responsibilities as a leader in Alabasta in the future. 

This Devil Fruit power may assist Vivi in other ways as well. 

Let's wait and see how formidable Vivi becomes with this Devil Fruit.

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