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One Piece 1086 Spoilers Reddit: D Clan, Archenemies Since Ancient Times!

One Piece chapter 1086 Spoilers Reddit: D Clan, Archenemies Since Ancient Times!

One Piece Chapter 1086 will be the next one, and it seems that Oda sensei is trying to deliver extraordinary new chapters one after another.

The recent chapters of One Piece have been quite astonishing, and the events during the Reverie arc have been the most narrative progress we've seen so far.

One Piece Chapter 1085 could be one of the amazing chapters, and although it didn't reveal the true meaning of the "D," we learned a lot about Imu.

King Cobra himself was a hidden gem, and thanks to him, we gained a lot of information, but it ended with his death despite Sabo's best efforts to protect him.

It was too much for Sabo to handle six enemies at once, especially considering they were at the peak of their power, so it definitely didn't help.

However, Cobra's death brought this event to us and the revolutionary army, including some information about the "D" and the existence of Imu, which was supposed to be hidden.

From Imu's silhouette, fans have started to speculate that they have a feminine body proportion, and from the context, it seems they originated from 800 years ago when the World Government was established.

Even the mere mention of the "D" made Imu, or Mu as they call themselves, truly furious and attack King Cobra.

Thanks to Sabo's intervention, he surely helped convey a message, if nothing else, as a reward for King Cobra's death.

Now we also know why Vivi and Wapol are together on Morgan's ship. 

This definitely makes fans excited for the new chapter of this series and eagerly awaiting its release.

As of the writing of this, One Piece Chapter 1085 hasn't been officially released yet, so there are no spoilers available at the moment.

Therefore, we will provide details for One Piece Chapter 1086, such as the release date and when the chapter will be available to read.

Additionally, we will also include details on where you can read the chapter once it's released and discuss what will happen next in One Piece.

But before all of that, let's quickly recap the new chapter of this series and remind ourselves of what happened in it. Here, we bring you the latest update of the One Piece manga series.

King Cobra Answers Imu-sama, Sabo Comes to Rescue Him

One Piece chapter 1086 Spoilers Reddit: D Clan, Archenemies Since Ancient Times!

Imu says that the releasing of the Poneglyphs is the worst case scenario, and they say that Queen Lili must have planned this rather than anything wrong. 

Because of this, Imu starts asking Cobra questions as to whether the truth about this mistake lies in a letter left in the clan and asks the latter about the full name that Queen Nifiteri Lili refers to.

Before answering the mentioned question, King Cobra monologues that they have captured him and he won't be able to live in this room. 

Therefore, King Cobra requests that even if he answers with a different response, they won't let him go. The five elders reply, stating that King Cobra's fate was decided when he saw Imu.

As King Cobra responds to their question, we see Sabo, who is near the room and senses something strange about it, and goes to check it out.

King Cobra responds to Imu's question by saying that the letter was signed by "Nefeterai D. Lili," and as he answers, a black arrow pierces his body, seemingly an attack from Imu.

One of the five elders notices that there is someone else in the room and comes to attack with his sword and the power of his Devil Fruit to save King Cobra.

Imu-sama is enraged that there is someone else in the room as well, and we see the five elders transform into creature-like beasts, but we only see silhouettes instead of their full appearance.

It is definitely Zoan-type Devil Fruit that they have eaten.

Sabo states that he hoped to defeat them all in one move but is saddened that he can't do so and tries to contact the other members of the Revolutionary Army, but he can't.

King Cobra is glad to see Sabo and acknowledges that he is Luffy's brother, asking him about it.

Sabo happily assists him even though he is from the Revolutionary Army and plans to take him away.

King Cobra insists that he must leave him and adds that he needs to deliver a message and not die here with him, stating that he needs to inform Vivi and Luffy that they share the "D" name, and adds that he knows the path his country must take.

Follow along as Sabo reminisces about Luffy and Ace when they were young, discussing their names.

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