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One Piece: This Is How Buggy Finds One Piece!

One Piece: This Is How Buggy Finds One Piece!

Buggy has a dream to find One Piece, but in fact he doesn't have a Poneglyph that can guide him to Laugh Tale. 

Going to Laugh Tale is a pirate's dream. And it turns out that this is also Buggy's dream. 

So far, Buggy has never shown or shown his desire to find One Piece.

In the story, Buggy is even more often shown targeting other treasures. 

Specifically, Buggy is shown more often looking for the whereabouts of Captain John's treasure which is known to be abundant. 

However, in chapter 1082 it was revealed that actually Buggy's dream was the same as finding One Piece. 

The problem then is how can Buggy find One Piece without the Poneglyphs?

Delayed Dreams

One Piece: This Is How Buggy Finds One Piece!

Since he was first introduced in the One Piece story, it has always been shown that Buggy has never been interested in One Piece. 

Buggy more often looks eager to target other treasures. 

An example is how Buggy was so excited to target Captain John's treasure. 

Buggy even looked for and hunted the treasure map.

It's also ridiculous when Buggy was still in Roger's pirate crew, he once had a treasure map. 

However, because Shanks startled him, the treasure map disappeared. Even so, it turns out that Buggy also has a dream to find One Piece. 

This was revealed in chapter 1082 yesterday when Crocodile discussed Utopia.

In that chapter Crocodile is pleased with the reputation of the Cross Guild which is starting to be taken seriously by the navy. 

He then mentioned that his dream was to build a country called Utopia. 

However, Buggy seemed to disagree with Crocodile's dream because it was considered not the path taken by a pirate. 

He then explained about his past with Shanks.

In Buggy's explanation, actually he also has a dream to go to Laugh Tale and find One Piece. 

However, Buggy realized that he was not as strong as Shanks, which was the reason he buried his dream. 

After Roger was executed, Buggy saw this as an opportunity to realize his dream through the figure of Shanks.

What surprised him was that Shanks actually rejected Buggy's idea on the grounds that he was still not ready for it. Buggy himself was angry and sad and decided to leave Shanks. 

He ended up trying to find another treasure. 

However, Buggy started to get excited again to find One Piece after knowing that Shanks was also starting to move now.

Buggy's Way to Find One Piece

One Piece: This Is How Buggy Finds One Piece!

With renewed enthusiasm to find One Piece, and despite Mihawk and Crocodile disapproving of Buggy's idea, Cross Guild will probably still go on an adventure to find the whereabouts of the treasure. 

Unfortunately, there is a big problem that must be faced by them to find the treasure.

As you know, neither Cross Guild nor Buggy own a single copy of the Road Poneglyph. 

This is an important element in finding the whereabouts of One Piece, as the Road Poneglyphs will provide clues as to where to go. 

If then Buggy and Cross Guild had to look for the Road Poneglyphs one by one, it would feel like it would take a long time.

On the other hand, Mihawk himself said that he is not going to conflict with other Yonko like Blackbeard, Luffy, and even Shanks. 

However, Buggy himself said that this could be avoided. 

Finding One Piece is a race about who gets there first and then gets it. 

The big question then is how can Buggy go to Laugh Tale without the Road Poneglyph.

Even though it sounds impossible, there are several ways that might be done. For example, the first is to use a connection from Buggy's Delivery. 

After the fall of Doflamingo who was defeated by Luffy, the criminal world in the One Piece story was in Buggy's hands. 

Everything related to criminal activity is under Buggy's control through Buggy's Delivery.

In fact, Buggy's extensive criminal connections and reputation are considered to be one of the reasons why he was chosen to become a Yonko. 

Of course, this connection can be used to find and dig up as much information as possible about Laugh Tale. 

Moreover, with Buggy's extraordinary reputation, it feels like criminals or other criminals will want to do anything for Buggy, including finding information about Laugh Tale.

Other Ways

One Piece: This Is How Buggy Finds One Piece!

Second, establish cooperation with other parties. 

In this case it is not impossible that the Cross Guild then cooperates with pirates who lost and once owned a copy of the Road Poneglyph, namely Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. 

Buggy could have offered the two of them to sail together towards Laugh Tale. 

However, wasn't their copy of the Road Poneglyph stolen already?

The two pirates could be in possession of another copy of the Road Poneglyph. 

In fact, it could also be if they remembered what the Road Poneglyphs later contained. 

Thus, Buggy didn't have to bother dealing with the two of them and it would be more interesting if they were shown working together until Law and Kid met Luffy again at the end of the story's climax.

The third buggy way to find One Piece is that Shanks will work together to get to Laugh Tale. What does it mean? 

This has something to do with what happened two decades ago, when Roger's crew was about to go to Laugh Tale. 

It was told that Buggy had to have a high fever and Crocus asked him not to come to Laugh Tale. 

What's interesting is that Shanks also decided not to come and look after Buggy.

However, he later promised to return with his crew. 

Even though Shanks might be going there with the crew of the Red Hair Pirates, it's not impossible that Shanks will also work with Buggy to go to Laugh Tale. 

This was solely for the sake of fulfilling his promise to his colleague. 

And in the end, they will go together to Laugh Tale because basically they are not enemies, even though there is indeed a Cross Guild crew who is a former rival.

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