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One Piece: Is Im Really Rocks D Xebec?

One Piece: Is Im Really Rocks D Xebec?

Until now, the identity of Im is still unknown, but there is speculation that the true identity of Im is Rocks D Xebec. 

At this time, Im's identity is unknown.

Many assumed Im was a woman, but if he was Rock D Xebec, of course he would be a man.

In the world of One Piece, there are many characters that are still a big mystery. 

Eiichiro Oda has not given much information about these characters, such as Monkey D Dragon or even Shanks.

Oda usually keeps information about a character secret until the right moment to reveal it. 

However, among the mysterious characters in the One Piece story, the most attention-grabbing one is Im. 

There are many speculations about the character, and one of the interesting ones is that Im is Rocks D Xebec.

Im, the Leader of the World

One Piece: Is Im Really Rocks D Xebec?

As mentioned above, not much is known about Im. 

There are only a few things about Im that have been revealed in the story. For example, Im is the leader or ruler in the world of One Piece. 

Im Sama is the leader of the World Government, the group that rules the world of One Piece. Im is even more powerful than the Gorosei.

All orders from Im Sama are immediately executed or carried out by the Gorosei. 

And all major decisions must be in accordance with Im's approval. Im is also known to be very mysterious. 

People or characters in the One Piece world do not even know Im's whereabouts. 

This can be analyzed from Sabo's statement in chapter 1060, where he did not expect that there was a ruler of the world.

Logically, if the Revolutionary Army itself does not know this, then no one else does either. 

There is even another speculation that the Gorosei themselves have never seen Im's face. 

The reason why Im always stays in the shadows is still a big mystery. 

However, one thing is for sure, Im does not want people to know his whereabouts or identity.

Im is Rocks D Xebec

One Piece: Is Im Really Rocks D Xebec?

With his mysterious identity and whereabouts, fans have speculated a lot about who Im really is. One of the interesting speculations is that Im is Rocks D Xebec. 

The name Rocks may not be familiar to many people. This is because all information and evidence about Rocks have been erased from history.

Rocks D. Xebec was a pirate whose name was mentioned by Sengoku as a terrifying pirate. 

Rocks was so terrifying that his name was erased from history. Even the God Valley incident was attempted to be erased by removing the island. 

Sengoku then stated that thanks to the cooperation of Garp and Roger, the Rocks group could be destroyed and then disbanded.

In the story, it is known that Rocks had one big dream, which was to rule the world. 

And this is also the reason why he went to God Valley, where many Sky People gathered. 

What is interesting is that although Sengoku mentioned that Rocks was defeated by Roger and Garp, there is no information stating that he was killed.

This is the basis of a theory that is developing among fans, which is the possibility that Rocks is still alive. 

And the mysterious Im is actually Rocks D Xebec. 

In the theory, it is stated that Rocks succeeded in realizing his dream of ruling the world after he obtained a powerful power that made him unbeatable.

After that, Rocks erased all historical records related to his name. 

This was to keep his identity a secret. 

So far, it has been effective, as only a few people know about Rocks, as shown in the previous chapter. 

And what is also interesting is that some people may know about this.

Garp Knows Im Rocks

One Piece: Is Im Really Rocks D Xebec?

There is also a possibility that Monkey D Garp knows that Im is Rocks. 

As the story shows, Garp is a figure directly involved in the events of God Valley. 

It is known he teamed up with Roger to defeat Rocks. After the incident Garp never wanted to discuss it again. 

Many suspect that this has something to do with Roger's collaboration.

However, there could also be other possibilities than this. 

According to his speculations, there might be a reason why Garp was so "sensitive" about the incident in God Valley. 

Not because he was forced to work with Roger, but because they lost and then lies appeared and reached the ears of the navy and even the World Government.

In the Wano arc, Garp mentioned that the Rocks group, namely Big Mom and Kaido, reuniting would cause chaos and trouble. 

However, it could actually be that they both know that Rocks might be Im, considering they were his former crew. 

As Sengoku said, the Rocks group never helped each other.

Instead they knocked each other out, attacking each other. 

So Kaido's desire to present a big war and also the desire to find One Piece and become the ruler of the world feel connected. 

Im or Rocks by now is definitely very old and Blackbeard might try to shift his position. 

The new God's Valley war incident would probably occur on a much larger scale and also the number of parties involved would be even greater. 

Let's just wait, geeks, to continue the story in the next chapter.

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