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One Piece 1083 Spoiler : Having Cunning Intentions Turns Out This Was Kurohige's Purpose in Coming to Egghead Island to

The One Piece and Nakama fandoms around the world are getting excited after the story in the Egghead arc is getting more tense!

After the release of One Piece 1082 which is increasingly presenting exciting stories, crazy things will be presented in the prediction of One Piece 1083 Manga spoilers which will be released next.

In this leak, One Piece 1083 returns to Egghead Island which will be destroyed and reveals the purpose of pirate Blackbeard, Blackbeard there.

First of all there will be a flashback that was warned from the previous chapter, when the naval battle fleet and the world government head to the island with a large scale war.

In fact, it's so big, it's described as an attack that will be present by the fleet of the world's navy and government, bigger than the usual Buster Call.

The usual mode, Buster Call already has tremendous destructive power that can destroy an island without remaining.

Other leaks mentioned, the Blackbeard Pirates led by the crazy Yonko Blackbeard are also in that place that will be destroyed.

This was surprising, because previously the last Blackbeard was fighting the Heart pirates led by Captain Tragalgar Law in the struggle for the Poneglyph script.

It is still uncertain what happened in that fight.

But as predicted by the fans, it was a crushing defeat for Law and it was proven by the presence of Blackbeard on Egghead Island.

In this One Piece 1083 spoiler, we will reveal the purpose of the Yonko with the forces of darkness and the power of Shirohige being there.

It would not be Blackbeard's name if there were no sneaky intentions to fulfill his greed.

It seems he went there with the aim of kidnapping Vegapunk and Jewelry Bonney and Kuma.

Vegapunk can also be used as an experiment so that Blackbeard can have additional devil fruit powers, both original and artificial, as well as his troops.

If that happens, it's clear that all of the Blackbeard Pirates, including even the low-class Kroco, will become stronger and make their crew even more unrivaled.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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