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One Piece 1084 Spoilers: Im's Secret Revealed, Cobra dies mysteriously!

The big secret that has been hidden by Im and him has finally been revealed and might be the reason Cobra was killed in One Piece 1084. 

For more than two decades, One Piece has often presented great secrets or mysteries. 

For example, the secret about the One Piece treasure itself. Many fans are curious about the shape of the treasure.

These various mysteries are one of the interesting elements that appear in the One Piece story. 

Apart from the secret of One Piece, a mystery that also makes many fans curious is about the mystery of the World Government and its leader, Im Sama. 

However, what is presented in One Piece 1084 might reveal Im's secret and become the reason why Nefertari Cobra died.

Secret Im

It's no longer a secret that the World Government keeps many secrets and mysteries that make people curious. 

The World Government has various dark secrets that don't want other people to know. Most people don't know about this dark secret. 

This is because they always try to do everything they can to cover up and eliminate traces related to that dark secret.

One of the ways they usually do to hide a secret is to kill the person who has the potential to leak it. 

Until now, it is not known to what extent the dark secrets that are kept and owned by the World Government. What did they then hide from everyone in the world of One Piece. 

Only Roger's former crew members who have been to Laugh Tale and are still alive know about the secret.

In the Sabaody arc, Silvers Rayleigh could present information related to this secret. 

However, the Straw Hat crew later rejected this and decided to find out for themselves through the adventures they were running. 

In addition to the big secret of the World Government, their leader, namely Im, is also shrouded in various big secrets.

Throughout his appearances which were only a few times, Eiichiro Oda never provided any information or explanation regarding Im. 

We never know how Im became a ruler, we never know who Im really is, and where he came from. 

This is what later became the subject of discussion for the fans even now.

However, as the One Piece storyline draws to a close it seems that Oda Sensei is slowly starting to reveal various clues or information related to Im and also to the World Government. 

An example is as revealed by Nefertari Cobra in chapter 1084 of the manga.

Letters From the Past

Chapter 1084 presents a continuation of the story from the previous chapter, where Nefertari Cobra is shown going to meet the Gorosei when the Reverie occurs. 

In that chapter, Cobra discussed a little about the past of the World Government, where initially 20 kingdoms that fought against the Ancient Kingdom swore to be on the same level.

They deliberately left an empty throne surrounded by 20 weapons from the 20 kingdoms for years. The goal is for no dictator or ruthless ruler to emerge from their side. 

However, the original rulers of the kingdom were gone and a new leader was elected.

A different thing was shown by the kingdom of Alabasta where the ruler at that time, Queen Lily, refused to become a celestial dragon. 

Cobra goes on to explain that he's trying to find lost post-century old records. However, he couldn't even find Queen Lily's name there.

He was also known to have never returned to his kingdom, which left his younger brother in power. 

When asked about Queen Lily's whereabouts and information, the Gorosei themselves replied that they did not know about it. 

They said they suspected Queen Lily had made it back to Alabasta.

What's interesting is that Cobra says he has a small letter that dates back 800 years. 

Hearing this, the Gorosei looked surprised. However, unfortunately, this chapter does not mention the contents of the letter.

Contents of Past Letters

What is the content of the letter? For now, it is very difficult to know what was in the letter from Queen Lily. 

However, if you look at what is presented in the current situation, it could be that the contents of the letter have something to do with Im's big secret and even the World Government which might not be written in the Poneglyphs.

As mentioned above, no one is allowed to sit on the empty throne currently occupied by Im. 

However, in fact, Im managed to rule and sit in the chair. How then did he do it? 

Is there something terrible going on behind it all? Why then Im keeping everything a secret?

Apart from containing secrets about Im, it could also be that the contents of the letter have something to do with the meaning of D. Cobra briefly asked about the meaning of D's determination, but the Gorosei themselves did not want to answer that. 

What is equally interesting is that the letter from Queen Lily is probably the reason why Cobra was killed.

As we know Nefertari Cobra is shown dying mysteriously, where Sabo is then blamed for the incident. However, many believe that the Gorosei were the culprits. 

And looking at the events in One Piece 1084, this speculation makes sense. 

It is possible that the reason the Gorosei killed Cobra was because he was keeping Im's big secret.

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