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One Piece 1084 Spoiler: Cobra Asks the Gorosei about Queen Lily!


One Piece 1084 Spoiler: Cobra Asks the Gorosei about Queen Lily!

The early spoiler for One Piece 1084 was released on Monday, May 15, 2023, by the main series leaker Redon, inherently making it quite credible.

Assuming their accuracy is eventually confirmed with the official release of the next week's edition, fans seem to be in for a very interesting chapter continuing the Reverie flashback in One Piece manga chapter 1084.

One particularly intriguing aspect is the new knowledge that appears to initiate the conversation in One Piece Chapter 1084, where Nefertari Cobra asks the Gorosei about the former Queen of Alabasta.

Similarly, this prompts an entirely unexpected response from Im-sama, with early spoilers suggesting that he directly confronts Cobra regarding the matter.

While the early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1084 don't reveal much, the little they handle poses truly remarkable implications for the series.

Hopefully, fans will see this momentum continue in the upcoming editions, which seem prepared to delve deeper into Cobra's death and other Reverie-related events.

The One Piece Chapter 1084 spoiler begins with the edition's title, which is "The Attempted Assassination of a Celestial Dragon."

Tenryuubito is the Romaji spelling for "Heavenly Dragon", as Viz Media translates the phrase in the official translation.

The chapter also features a color cover, showcasing the girls in the series playing in the sea.

The chapter then opens its story content with Nefertari Cobra talking to the Gorosei.

In the last panel of the previous chapter, fans saw Cobra's request to meet the Gorosei, leaving his guards Chaka and Pell behind.

Cobra asks the Gorosei about Queen Lily of Alabasta, who refused to become a Celestial Dragon in the past.

The early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1084 then claim that Queen Lily disappeared after leaving Alabasta and was never seen or heard from again.

Cobra asks the Gorosei where she went, but they say they don't know.

Clearly, Cobra doesn't believe this, or he wouldn't approach them with this because of the danger involved.

The chapter then shows Saint Charlos capturing Shirahoshi once again.

However, Don Sai from the Happo Navy and Leo from the Tontatta Tribe (both introduced during the Dressrosa arc) rescue her from his grasp.

Saint Charlos is a Celestial Dragon who wants to capture Shirahoshi during the canonical Reverie arc and is also the person who tried to buy Camie at the Sabaody Archipelago auction house.

The early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1084 also interestingly claim that Commander Morley of the Revolutionary Army is seen freeing Bartholomew Kuma from slavery.

At the end of the chapter, an extraordinary appearance by Im-sama occurs, and he speaks to Cobra, allegedly uttering the word "Lily" as this chapter ends.

Although these early spoilers are relatively minor compared to other releases, they are still intriguing and hold promise for the upcoming chapters.

While focusing on the actual events of the Reverie is quite interesting, Oda seems to give fans something more to look forward to by incorporating a loredump from none other than Im-sama himself.

You can read the One Piece manga chapter 1084 in Indonesian on the official MangaPlus website once it's released.

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