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One Piece: Zoro's Sword is an Inheritance from His Father?

One Piece: Zoro's Sword is an Inheritance from His Father?

One of the swords that Roronoa Zoro has used is likely an inheritance from his father. 

Throughout the One Piece story, it's known that Zoro has used several swords, including one called Yubashiri. 

Yubashiri was one of the swords Zoro used early in the story and it became one of his main swords.

Swords are one of the main weapons for many characters in One Piece, including Roronoa Zoro. However, not all swords have the same level of toughness. 

Interestingly, there's a theory that one of Zoro's swords, Yubashiri, is an inheritance from his father.

Yubashiri's sword

One Piece: Zoro's Sword is an Inheritance from His Father?

What is Yubashiri? 

If Wado Ichimonji is one of the 20 best quality swords, then Yubashiri is one of the 50 good quality swords, one level below Wado Ichimonji. 

Zoro received Yubashiri from Ipponmatsu when he was in Loguetown. 

At that time, Zoro was looking for a new sword to replace his two broken ones.

Ipponmatsu offered Zoro the Sandai Kitetsu sword, which Zoro couldn't afford because it was too expensive. 

However, Zoro later obtained it for free after passing a test given by Ipponmatsu. 

He had to throw his sword in the air and catch it, and if it hit his arm, he couldn't have it. 

If it didn't hit him, he could keep it. Zoro knew that the Sandai Kitetsu was a cursed sword but he didn't care and ended up obtaining it. 

Before leaving, Ipponmatsu gave Zoro another sword, Yubashiri, for free.

According to Ipponmatsu, Yubashiri is an inherited sword that he kept until he found the right person to use it. Zoro used Yubashiri from the Whiskey Peak, Drum Kingdom, Alabasta, Jaya, Skypea, to Enies Lobby arcs. 

There, he fought against one of the navy's devil fruit users, Shu, who managed to rust and break his sword. 

Zoro still held onto it and later stored it in Thriller Bark, replacing it with Shusui.

Zoro's Father's Inherited Sword

One Piece: Zoro's Sword is an Inheritance from His Father?

There is an interesting theory which states that Yubashiri is the legacy of Zoro's father, Arashi.

Whether you realize it or not, most of the swords owned by Zoro are inherited.

For example, Wado Ichimonji is an inheritance from Kuina or the Enma sword which was inherited from Oden to Hiyori before being given to Zoro.

One of Zoro's old swords, Yubashiri, is also thought to have been inherited from his late father. 

After being a mystery for so long, finally in the SBS 105 column the fans know the origins or family tree of Zoro. 

Zoro's grandfather's name is Roronoa Pinzoro and his grandmother is Furiko. 

His mother was named Terra and was the daughter of a bandit. His father's name is Arashi.

In the explanation on SBS, it was stated that Zoro's father died due to a fight with pirates. 

Who finished him? 

Where did he die?

In theory, it is explained that it is possible that Arashi died in Loguetown when Roger's execution took place. 

Why is that? 

In Roger's execution, many great pirates filled the Loguetown area where the possibility of a fight became something that was unavoidable.

Who finished him? 

The one that makes the most sense is of course Dracule Mihawk, as the strongest swordsman in the world and he was also present in Roger's execution. 

After the death of Arashi, his sword was then taken or stolen. 

And what is interesting in this theory is that it was also stated that the family from Ipponmatsu used to take and keep the Yubashiri sword.

After keeping it for a long time, Zoro finally found and used Yubashiri's sword when he was in Loguetown. 

Ipponmatsu feels that Zoro is not an ordinary person, where he knows about the cursed sword and is proven to have survived the "curse".

Yubashiri's Long Journey

One Piece: Zoro's Sword is an Inheritance from His Father?

How then did Yubashiri come to be in Loguetown?

In theory, it is explained that this sword might have a long history.

Yubashiri was probably made by Shimotsuki Kouzaburo and then brought with him by his entourage who left Wano 50 years ago to go to East Blue and other regions. 

This sword later became the property of Pinzoro when he arrived in the East Blue region.

Why then did he pass it on to Pinzoro, because he was considered to have the advantage of being able to feel the cursed sword. 

Seeing this ability, Kouzaburo then passed it on to Zoro's grandfather. 

Pinzoro himself then passed it back on to his son, Arashi, before he died and his sword was taken by someone.

However, luckily, Zoro then managed to get it back even though it ended up being destroyed. 

And the clue from Ipponmatsu's explanation explaining that Yubashiri is an inherited sword, seems to reinforce speculation if this is a sword from the Zoro family heritage. 

Even so, at this time, Zoro already has a much stronger and more powerful sword.

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