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One Piece 1081 Spoiler Reddit: Comparison of Shanks and Garp's Haki!


One Piece 1081 Spoiler: Comparison of Shanks and Garp's Haki!

Seeing the power of Monkey D. Garp's Haki in action has prompted some fans to compare it to the Haki of Shanks. 

Chapter 1080 of the One Piece manga finally brought back Garp, who was last seen on Egghead Island on a mission to rescue Koby, who had been kidnapped and held on Beehive Island.

After being absent from the story for several chapters, Garp reappears in chapter 1080, joining other SWORD members to help rescue Koby. 

What's interesting is that we get to see the devastating power of Garp's Haki in action in this chapter. 

His Haki attack was able to destroy part of Beehive Island. So how does Garp's Haki compare to Shanks'?

Shanks' Haki Strength Level

One Piece 1081 Spoiler: Comparison of Shanks and Garp's Haki!

You are likely already familiar with Shanks' formidable Haki strength. 

From the beginning of the One Piece story, Shanks has been shown to possess powerful Haki. 

There are several points in the story where we see the might of Shanks' Haki, such as when he makes Admiral Green Bull tremble or when he defeats Eustass Kid in a single strike.

The strength of Shanks' Haki has also been acknowledged by his creator, Eiichiro Oda. In a column in the SBS, it was revealed that Shanks' Haki is even stronger than Luffy's. 

This is borne out in several points in the One Piece story. Chapter 1079 seemed to anoint Shanks as the strongest Haki user in the world.

This isn't without good reason. 

In addition to Oda's acknowledgement, the information presented about Shanks and his Haki strength thus far seems to provide concrete evidence of this. 

For example, the One Piece 4 Billion booklet reveals that Shanks has the ability to "kill" his opponent's Observation Haki.

Garp's Haki Strength Level

One Piece 1081 Spoiler: Comparison of Shanks and Garp's Haki!

So how does Garp's Haki compare? 

Like Shanks, Monkey D. Garp is known to rely heavily on Haki in combat and other situations. 

Garp's Haki and physical strength were first introduced in the Water Seven story arc, where he was able to injure Luffy, who is a Devil Fruit user.

Garp is also able to throw cannonballs with ease as if they were baseballs. 

So far, Eiichiro Oda hasn't given many explanations of Garp's strength. 

What we do know is that he has formidable punching power and is very skilled with Haki. 

Although he masters all three types of Haki, he tends to rely more on Armament Haki.

This is evident in every appearance he makes in the story, where he can destroy anything with his Armament Haki. 

However, in chapter 1080, it was finally confirmed that Garp also possesses Conqueror's Haki. 

When he uses the Galaxy Impact attack to destroy Beehive Island, there is a black flash around him.

This means that Garp's Conqueror's Haki is just as fearsome as Luffy's, Kaido's, Big Mom's, and the others. 

This means that there is only one type of Haki left for Oda to introduce as one of Garp's abilities, which is Observation Haki. 

Throughout the story, Garp rarely uses this type of Haki.

Garp vs Shanks, Who Wins

One Piece 1081 Spoiler: Comparison of Shanks and Garp's Haki!

Whose Haki power is stronger or superior between Shanks and Garp? For now, it's clear that Shanks has more powerful Haki than Garp. 

However, if we go back tens of years then Garp is the champion. 

Why is that? As you know, Garp is a figure who often faces Gol D. Roger or other strong pirates like Rocks.

Roger himself is known to be an extraordinary Haki user, in which he was able to blow Kozuki Oden's figure away. 

How Garp was able to become a rival to Roger or Whitebeard in their former heyday gives an idea of how strong the marine hero is and also the level of his Haki power. 

At that time, Shanks was still small and had not yet mastered Haki.

However, Garp himself grew old and after Roger died he was shown to rarely fight strong enemies. 

Like Whitebeard or Rayleigh, Garp's Haki power level may have decreased, although not too drastically. 

According to him, the power of Haki clearly has an influence on the destructive power or the level of effectiveness of the attack.

What is presented in chapter 1080 may actually still be nothing when compared to Garp's Galaxy Impact attack dozens of years ago. 

The effect would probably be far more destructive and horrifying. 

In fact, it could be, the island of God Valley itself was destroyed and lost due to Garp's attack. 

Even so, it must be admitted that Shanks is able to use Haki to the highest level.

How could he communicate through Haki with Green Bull and how yesterday's Kamusari technique was able to easily destroy Kid, even Shanks has the ability to see into the future so it's proof that Shanks does have superior Haki strength or power level compared to Garp, especially now. 

In fact, Shanks is considered the most powerful Haki user in the world today. 

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