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One Piece 1082: Vasco Shot Unleash 2 Gabu Gabu no Mi Devil Fruit Techniques


In the next One Piece 1082, the situation on Beehive Island became increasingly chaotic and heated. Seeing these circumstances Vasco Shot involved himself in battle.

At first Vasco Shot wanted to attack the SWORD members, but Bogard appeared from the ship and immediately confronted him.

Bogard has abilities that cannot be underestimated, so he is confident to fight against Vasco Shot.

In that battle Vasco Shot also showed some of his abilities as a Gabu Gabu no Mi Devil Fruit user.

Vasco Shot will issue two of his Devil Fruit abilities, first Vasco Shot can make many people around him drunk, he can also choose what effects of drunkenness will be experienced by these people.

When Vasco Shot intoxicated the Pirates, he made them move brutally and fearlessly, with that effect the Pirates launched brutal attacks on the Marines.

Meanwhile, when Vasco Shot got the Marines drunk he gave them an excessively drunken effect. The effect made the Marines very dizzy, difficult to walk properly, and some even vomited and collapsed.

Vasco Shot also intended to make Bogard drunk like that, but Bogard could overcome the effects of Vasco Shot's ability with strong enough Haki.

Vasco Shot's second ability can make himself even more drunk, the more drunk he gets, the more brutal and unpredictable Vasco Shot will be.

Then it was shown that Avalo Pizarro and Shiryu were still in place watching the situation.

Then after Bogard managed to beat Vasco Shot, suddenly Shiryu came and immediately slashed Bogard. Bogard would be able to withstand the attack, then the fight between the two swordsmen began.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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