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One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Revealed! Blackbeard's Reasons for Wanting to Be a King

One Piece up to chapter 1080 is increasingly showing many things are so powerful from the excitement of Luffy's adventure who wants to become the king of the pirates.

In One Piece 1081, spoilers from various sources will reveal the reasons why Blackbeard so wanted to be king and have his kingdom recognized by the World Government.

Previously Blackbeard wanted to make "Hachinosu" a kingdom recognized by the World Government and he wanted to be king.

That's why he kidnapped Koby, to blackmail the World Government.

Koby tells Teach that they can't use him for negotiations because he is a member of SWORD.

Kuzan explains that SWORD members are Marines who have officially resigned and returned their code.

They can attack a Yonkou without approval from the World Government and they are not bound by any rules of command.

However, the Navy is not responsible for them and can disband them at any time.

Even so Blackbeard still thinks that he can use the title of "hero" Koby to suppress the World Government.

It would be a blunder and worsen the image of the world government and navy if they allowed Koby to be kidnapped let alone to be executed by the pirate Blackbeard.

Kurohige himself in the theory of the fans why he is so passionate about wanting to be a king and have a kingdom that is recognized because his greed is so greedy.

He is not only hungry to become stronger at all costs, but also greedy for recognition and ambition that wants to be bigger and more powerful than Sirohige.

Even though he had seized the power of a person who considered himself his own son, he killed himself in cunning ways.

If he succeeds in becoming king and his kingdom is recognized, it will attract many people who are in line with him to join and become the place where he will plan to rule the world.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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