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One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Revealed, Blackbeard's Main Mission!


The latest One Piece spoilers provide clues regarding Blackbeard's main goals and mission.

Blackbeard is currently in the spotlight after being involved in several events. 

First, he was involved in the moment of attacking Law's pirate group. Blackbeard is known to have attempted to steal his copy of the Road Poneglyph.

Then, in chapter 1079 yesterday, we also saw how the ship from Blackbeard's group arrived at Egghead Island. And previously Blackbeard became the figure who kidnapped Koby. 

Even so, it seemed he had to run into obstacles in this mission. 

However, what's interesting is that there is a theory about the true main mission of Blackbeard.

Blackbeard Kidnaps Koby

The moment of Koby's kidnapping itself occurred in chapter 1059. 

At that time, Koby and the marines were raiding Amazon Lily Island to capture Boa Hancock. 

However, in the midst of the battle, Blackbeard and his crew suddenly appeared and disrupted the battle. However, Blackbeard himself then had to be overwhelmed when facing the Seraphim.

Not to mention, some of his crew had to lose because they were hit by Hancock's Mero Mero devil fruit which was targeted by Blackbeard. 

And the appearance of Rayleigh also ultimately made Blackbeard decide to withdraw from there. 

However, before he actually left, it turned out that Blackbeard did something unexpected, namely kidnapping the hero of Rocky Port, namely Koby.


Ironically, none of the marines then tried to help Koby except for Garp and several SWORD members. However, finally, in chapter 1080 the reason for this was revealed. 

According to Aokiji, those who are members of SWORD will not receive attention from the navy. 

Because, they are considered no longer in line with the other navy.

Koby himself later explained that it was because of this that the navy would not want to talk or discuss his safety. 

Even so, Blackbeard himself believes that Koby and his reputation can still be used for his big plans to come. 

However, what then became Blackbeard's grand plan?
Blackbeard's Main Mission

What's also interesting is that in chapter 1080, in the flashback of Koby's kidnapping, 

Blackbeard's reason for kidnapping Koby was revealed. According to him, he wanted to make Koby a hostage so that the World Government would comply with his request, namely to make Beehive Island into a country. 

Apart from that, he also wanted this Beehive country to also become part of the World Government and make Blackbeard its leader.

Blackbeard's desire to make the island of Beehive a nation can be said to be something unique and unusual. As geeks know, Blackbeard also has aspirations to become a pirate king. 

This is what later became the reason he tried to steal a copy of Law's Road Poneglyph and even became a rival of Luffy to get to Laugh Tale.

Why then did he want to make Beehive Island a country? 

Related to this, there is an interesting speculation about the true main mission of the figure of Blackbeard. 

In this speculation, it is explained that the main mission of Blackbeard is to try to build a large country filled with criminals or criminals. In other words, he wanted to build an enormous pirate nation.

In theory, it is explained that Blackbeard's wish is related to what Moria revealed in the Thriller Bark arc. At that time, Moria had explained about Oars, the continent puller. 

According to him, there was a terrible event 500 years ago where Oars would conquer an island and bring him to build a country filled with criminals.

How then did Blackbeard have a dream or desire to build a Beehive nation similar to what Oars did. 

In fact, maybe what Blackbeard is doing right now is something that continues or continues what Oars failed to do before. 

However, maybe Blackbeard also has other dreams.

Proof Wants to Rule the World

In the One Piece story, it is known that Blackbeard has a dream to become a pirate king. However, as it was later revealed, Blackbeard had a dream of world domination. 

Many have speculated that the desire to rule the world is a legacy of determination from the figure of Rocks D. Xebec which is believed to exist in the figure of Blackbeard.

Seeing what Blackbeard has done so far, it seems like he really wants to try to realize his main mission and dream. 

For example, he tries to collect as many devil fruits as possible and make his entire crew have devil fruit powers. The goal is none other than to increase the strength of his crew. 

Then, he also didn't hesitate to bring a lot of chaos to the world.

What he thought could be used to his advantage, Blackbeard would seek to obtain. For example, by killing Whitebeard at the end of the Marineford battle or when he attacked Hancock when the marines arrived. 

And the most recent of course was when he planned to create a "Blackbeard Country" by blackmailing the World Government and kidnapping Koby.

All of the things above seem to be clear evidence that Blackbeard really wants to try to dominate the entire world of One Piece. 

Whether this is all a big plan that he has been preparing for a long time, we still have to find out. 

What is certain is that at this time Blackbeard has started to actively move to then realize his main mission and also realize his dream.

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