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One Piece 1081 Spoilers: The Reason Kuzan Split Up with Van Augur and Went to Another Ship

In Manga One Piece 1081, the Blackbeard Pirates ship approached Egghead Island, causing the island's defenses to react to the incoming threat.

It was seen in Manga One Piece 1081 that the Sea Monster Cyborgs attacked but someone jumped and froze them all and that person was Kuzan.

On the Blackbeard Pirates ship there is no Yonkou Teach, but Kuzan and Laffitte, they will soon enter Egghead Island with a certain mission in Manga One Piece 1081.

That's the reason why Kuzan didn't get involved in the fight against Law before he was together with Van Augur to kidnap Pudding.

Kuzan parted ways with Van Augur and he went to another Titan Commander's ship.

The reason is because they have an important mission to go to Egghead Island when Elite Sword troops come to Blackbeard's headquarters Hachinosu Island (Pirate Island).

Maybe Kuzan and Laffitte's goal came to Egghead Island to kidnap Vegapunk on orders from Blackbeard.

Vegapunk as the greatest scientist in the world is naturally wanted by many parties, including big names like Blackbeard.

The problem is that on Egghead Island there are currently the Straw Hat Pirates, while the Marine troops led by Mizaru and Gorosei Saturn so the Vegapunk kidnapping mission that will be carried out by Kuzan will not go according to plan.

There might even be a battle between Kuzan (Former Admiral) and Admiral Kizaru.

This is quite interesting because we can see the battle between Admirals against former Admirals.

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