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Eiichiro Oda Reveals The Strongest Character in One Piece?

Eiichiro Oda Reveals The Strongest Character in One Piece?

One possible reason why Monkey D. Dragon is the World Government's number one target is because he is the strongest character in the world of One Piece. 

The name Monkey D. Dragon is still one of the biggest mysteries presented by Eiichiro Oda in his story. 

Since his first appearance in Loguetown, mystery after mystery has surrounded the figure of Dragon.

Some information that is already known about Dragon is that he is the father of Luffy and the son of Monkey D. Garp. 

He is also the leader of the organization that opposes the World Government, the Revolutionary Army. 

However, unfortunately, until now we still do not know how powerful Dragon really is. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that he is the strongest character in the world.

Looking at Dragon's Strength

Eiichiro Oda Reveals The Strongest Character in One Piece?

As mentioned above, until now it is still not known exactly what Dragon's strength is. 

This is because Oda Sensei himself very rarely shows scenes where Dragon fights other characters. 

The only "fighting" moment of his character is when he stops Smoker in Loguetown while saving Luffy.

However, many fans then speculate or theorize about Monkey D. Dragon's strength. 

For example, one of the powers that is most theorized by fans about Dragon's strength is that he has a Devil Fruit power. 

And the Devil Fruit that is most speculated is the Logia Devil Fruit related to the weather, especially wind.

This is based on some evidence such as storms or heavy rain always appearing when Dragon appears in a place. 

Dragon's Devil Fruit power also helped Luffy escape from Smoker while in Loguetown. 

Also, this Devil Fruit power helped Sabo, who was injured, and the people in Grey Terminal, whose place was burned down, by opening a way for them to escape.

And what is also interesting is that there is speculation that Dragon has another God Devil Fruit power like Luffy's. 

In addition to Devil Fruit abilities, some other fans speculate that Dragon has Haki abilities. 

This speculation seems logical, considering who Dragon is. 

How Dragon withstands Smoker's attack and also helps Luffy can be evidence of how Dragon has Haki abilities.

Another clue about Haki was also discussed in another article, where in chapter 1080 yesterday there was a possible clue about Dragon's strength. 

Garp was shown to have very powerful Haki abilities. 

Seeing how Luffy and Garp have powerful Haki abilities, it is not surprising if Dragon also has such powerful abilities.

The Strongest Figure In The World

Eiichiro Oda Reveals The Strongest Character in One Piece?

Seeing how Monkey D. Dragon became the number one target of the World Government makes many fans wonder why. 

The reason that he was the leader of the Revolutionary Army which was the arch enemy of the World Government made sense. 

However, there could also be another reason why Dragon is the number one target in the world, namely because of his strength.

The figure of Monkey D. Dragon is thought to be the most powerful character in the world of One Piece. What is the reason?

Until now, Eiichiro Oda has not revealed the strongest figure in the One Piece series.

However, many fans suspect that Monkey D. Dragon's power is still under Shanks.

Seeing from what has been presented so far by Oda Sensei, the assumption that Shanks is the strongest character is not wrong. 

This has indeed been proven by the use of Haki at the end of the Wano arc which made an admiral run away.

In fact, Shanks' strength was also shown to be extraordinary by being able to destroy Kid pirates worth 3 billion Belly in just one attack.

However, if you pay more attention to the patterns or elements presented by Oda in the story, it might not be Shanks who is the strongest character in the world, but Dragon.

How could that happen?

First, there is a statement that the new generation will surpass the old generation. 

This has been said by several characters, for example Whitebeard.

So, what does this have to do with Dragon? 

The new generation in question is the generation that Luffy and the others are currently living. 

Meanwhile, the old generation are characters who have had adventures at sea for a long time. 

For example, Kaido, Big Mom, Sengoku, and also Garp. Even though Garp himself still shows a tremendous level of strength, the peak of his strength has already passed, just like Rayleigh.

Second, if then the new generation is going to surpass the old generation then it probably won't happen in the near future. 

What is presented by Luffy at this time is believed to be still in the early stages of the peak of his strength. 

Luffy himself is still 20 years old which makes sense if at this time he is still in the early stages of reaching the peak of his strength.

Logically, if Garp's heyday is past and Luffy's heyday will come in the future, then this is Dragon's heyday. 

This was probably the reason why the Revolutionary Army had been growing at an incredibly fast pace in the past 20 years since the Ohara incident. 

And this is also the reason why the World Government made Dragon the number one target.

Dragon isn't just a territorial threat with the emergence of the Revolutionary Army. 

However, the World Government saw another real threat from Dragon, especially in terms of strength. 

And this is similar to what the World Government sees regarding Luffy's figure.

Monkey Family Legacy

Eiichiro Oda Reveals The Strongest Character in One Piece?

How Garp, Dragon, and Luffy present powerful powers from three different generations seems to provide clues about their family. 

Oda Sensei seemed to give a hint that great power had indeed become a "tradition" or in other words the Monkey family had indeed been a very powerful family for generations.

What's interesting is that there is speculation or theory that says the Monkey family was the ruler in ancient times. 

There are also those who say that they are a brave and adventurous family. 

Seeing what the three characters are presenting, the speculation makes sense. 

And what's also interesting is that the Monkey family might have an important role at the end of the story.

They could be one of the parties who joined the fight against the World Government. 

The Monkey Family will be the party that leads the entire alliance against the World Government. 

It is they who will bring the new "big storm" that has been predicted.

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