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One Piece 1081 Spoilers Complete: Battle on Beehive Island Will Begin Soon

Even though this weekend is a holiday, there have been many One Piece spoilers circulating. 

The spoiler prediction for the first One Piece 1081 manga is the possibility that we will still see the continuation of the battle on Beehive Island. 

In chapter 1080 we did see how SWORD started to move to attack Beehive Island in order to save Koby who was kidnapped.

They are shown to have succeeded in attacking and killing the pirates who were there. 

This was because the pirates were clearly no match for the SWORD members. 

However, what should be noted is that there are several of Blackbeard's crew on the island. They didn't seem to move at all, but seeing what Garp and SWORD were doing the battle was clearly inevitable.

In chapter 1080 yesterday, we were also given information that the rest of Blackbeard's crew turned out to have devil fruit abilities. In chapter 1081, maybe we will see the reaction of Blackbeard's crew. 

They might avenge what Garp and SWORD members did, where in the end the battle will take place.

As Eiichiro Oda mentioned in his message at Jump Fest yesterday, if there will be a battle royale or big battle that will take place. Many fans predict that besides the battle at Egghead, 

Oda will present another battle. 

We've already seen the battle on Elbaf Island, so we'll likely see the battle on Beehive Island.

Other One Piece 1081 Spoiler Predictions

Apart from the epic battle on Egghead Island, it is likely that what will happen in chapter 1081 is that we will see how the condition of the battle between Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard will be. 

In chapter 1064 we saw how Law and his pirate crew were attacked by Blackbeard. The Yonko deliberately attacked Law in order to get his copy of the Road Poneglyph.

Just like what happened between Shanks Kid, Blackbeard and Law's battle finally happened. 

In the previous chapter, it seemed that Law was overwhelmed by Blackbeard and his crew. 

The reason is, in that battle only Law fought alone. Meanwhile, his crew is shown not to have enough strength to be able to face the crew from Blackbeard's group.

Even though many fans think that Law will be able to face Blackbeard, looking at what happened to Kid, it is not impossible that he will also lose at the hands of the Yonko. 

The next prediction is that maybe we will return to Egghead Island to witness other epic events or events. 

There are three events that occur on Egghead Island at this time.

First, we look at the moments or events related to Vegapunk and its satellites. 

Second, the moment of the fight between the Straw Hats and CP0 against the Seraphim. 

Third is how the pirate ship of Blackbeard's group arrived at Egghead Island. 

And fourth is how a big war will happen when the marines and the Gorosei arrive on the island. 

This big battle known as the 'Egghead Incident' might be a moment to introduce powers and other things about the Gorosei.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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