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One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Battle of 2 Former Admirals!

One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Battle of 2 Former Admirals!

Spoiler information for manga One Piece chapter 1081 provides an explanation regarding the development of events that occurred on Beehive Island and also Winner Island. 

After focusing on Egghead Island for a long time, Oda Sensei showed a moment that happened outside the island. 

For example, we see the fight between Blackbeard and Trafalgar Law that takes place on Winner's island.

Then, we also see the epic fight between Shanks and Eustass Kid that took place on the island of Elbaf. 

And most recently, of course, we saw the epic moment of Koby's rescue by SWORD members on Beehive Island in chapter 1080 yesterday. In the moment, we are even shown how powerful the power of Monkey D. Garp is.

One Piece 1081 Spoilers

One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Battle of 2 Former Admirals!

Then, what happened in chapter 1081? 

Based on the available spoiler information, One Piece 1081 is titled "Captain of the 10th Ship, Kuzan" or which means "Kuzan, the 10th Captain".

Chapter 1081 itself opens with information about what happened to Blackbeard and Law. 

As mentioned above, in the previous chapter it was shown how Law was attacked by Blackbeard on Winner's island.

He was after Law's copy of the Road Poneglyph. 

However, Law certainly didn't just give it away, which then the battle between the two was finally inevitable. 

Previously, it was shown how Law was overwhelmed by Blackbeard and his group. 

The reason is, he has to face Blackbeard's crew alone without any help from the other crew.

And in chapter 1081 the narrator then explains that in that battle Law lost to Blackbeard. He is also known to have run away with Bepo. 

Even though we know Law's condition, unfortunately we don't know Kid's current condition. 

The next information is that we then return to the events on Beehive Island. 

It was revealed that Aokiji was the tenth captain of the 10 Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard group.

What's interesting is that further information states that before Kuzan joined Blackbeard's group, he was actually asked about "Someone With a Burn Scar".

According to him, this figure allegedly knew information about the whereabouts of the last Road Poneglyph. And the last information presented in chapter 1081 is the battle between Garp and Aokiji.

At the end of the chapter, it was shown how Garp finally had to fight against his former student, Aokiji. 

Garp as a former Vice Admiral, while Aokiji is a former Admiral. 

However, in that battle it was shown how the powerful power of Aokiji was not even able to match Garp's power. 

Luffy's grandfather is known to have the upper hand, where Aokiji seems overwhelmed by it.

Another important information is that next week it is known that there will be another break for the release of manga chapter 1082. 

This is because Japan is on a one-week Golden Week holiday, which means that the WSJ and Oda Sensei are on vacation. 

Chapter 1082 itself is scheduled for release on May 4, 2023. 

Meanwhile, for spoiler information, 1082 itself will likely appear on steps 1 or 3, although it could also be much faster.


One Piece 1081 Spoilers: Battle of 2 Former Admirals!

Chapter 1081 brings important information that fans have been waiting for a long time. 

How Trafalgar Law lost to Blackbeard has actually been predicted by fans for a long time. 

This is similar to the fight between Kid and Shanks, where many fans speculated that either Kid or Law would win against the Yonko. 

However, their strength proved to be too tough.

This seemingly strengthens the position of both characters as Yonko in the One Piece story. 

On the other hand, it also raises a big question about what will happen to Luffy next. Will he suffer the same fate or the opposite? 

And what's also interesting and has been predicted by fans for a long time is related to the tenth captain of the Blackbeard group.

The Blackbeard pirates are known to still have one captain position vacant out of the 10 Titanic Captains available. 

This has led many fans to speculate on who might fill that position. 

Many speculations then arose, one of which was Aokiji. 

And chapter 1081 finally confirms this from the title of the chapter.

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