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Boruto 80 Spoilers: Mangekyou Sharingan Sarada Awakens!

Boruto 80 Spoilers: Mangekyou Sharingan Sarada Awakens!

The spoiler information for Boruto manga chapter 80 reveals interesting developments in the ongoing story between Boruto and Kawaki. 

Additionally, we finally learn what happens to Naruto and Hinata. 

Chapter 79 created a lot of buzz among fans with a surprising event that was carried out by Kawaki and Eida.

Kawaki mentions his greatest desire to Eida, where he wants to exchange his life with Boruto. 

Surprisingly, Eida then manages to make Kawaki's wish come true. In everyone's memory, Kawaki is Boruto, who is Naruto's son, while Boruto is Kawaki, the target of the Konoha shinobi.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoiler

Boruto 80 Spoilers: Mangekyou Sharingan Sarada Awakens!

So, what happens in the next chapter? 

There are several interesting points that emerge in Boruto manga chapter 81 circulating on social media. 

The first point is Shikamaru confirming what Eida said about Boruto taking Naruto's life. 

When Kawaki then grabs Eida's body, he confirms it to Shikamaru.

The Hokage's advisor then announces it to everyone. Sarada is truly saddened and devastated when she hears the news from Shikamaru. 

Mitsuki then goes to search for Boruto's whereabouts. 

Other information also provides clues that the Omnipotent power that changed all memories and history was Kawaki's doing, channeled through Eida.

Eida then asks Kawaki if all of this is really necessary. 

Kawaki then answers that he will continue to hold Naruto hostage until he takes Boruto's life. 

Sasuke then finds where Sarada is. 

He tells Sasuke what Mitsuki is doing now.

Sumire then contacts Sarada about what actually happened. She also informs Sarada that the extraordinary moment was caused by Eida. 

Sumire and Sarada then believe that only they can save Boruto from the situation. 

Boruto then meets with Team 10 and gets trapped in their formation.

Sarada then tries to convince Sasuke that it wasn't Boruto who took Naruto's life. 

However, Sasuke asks Sarada not to interfere and asks her to go home. 

It is in this moment that something extraordinary happens, where unexpectedly Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan finally activates.

Another Spoiler for Boruto Chapter 81 

Boruto 80 Spoilers: Mangekyou Sharingan Sarada Awakens!

Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan activates when she asks Sasuke to go save Boruto. 

And in the end, Sasuke successfully rescues Boruto from Team 10's attack. In this moment, another surprise appears. 

Although Sasuke was influenced by Eida's power, he was able to "fight against" the memory. 

This is proven by how Sasuke remembers who Boruto really is.

According to him, Boruto is one of his students and also an extraordinary person when they fought together to defeat Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

Sasuke also said that he didn't believe the memory in his mind when he saw Boruto using his old headband. 

He then declares that he believes in Sarada more than anything and is willing to sacrifice everything to save Boruto.

After seeing the conversation between Boruto and Sasuke through her Eida's Senrigan, she goes to meet Boruto. Momoshiki himself tries to control Boruto's body and influence him. 

However, his efforts fail thanks to Boruto's incredible mental strength. 

Eida and Daemon then apologize to Boruto. Eida also says that Boruto does inherit the blood of his father, mother, and grandfather.

Boruto is also considered to inherit the fire of determination that shinobi and Konoha's shinobi must have. 

In the end of the chapter, it is shown how Boruto shows an incredible intention to train to end his fight with his brother Kawaki. 

However, another threat is still not over, as Code still plans to eliminate Boruto and Kawaki.

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