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One Pece: Sengoku's Main Duties At Marineford Revealed

After One Piece 1080, it was revealed that Sengoku's main job was in Merineford.

This is clear once seen in the One Piece 1080 spoiler, the true mission of Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

One Piece 1080 spoilers reveal many mysteries that fans have been waiting for.

Not many are aware of what the main mission of Fleet Admiral Sengoku is at Marineford.

Even though it was very clear.

So what is the main mission of Sengoku at Marineford?

The great war that occurred at Marineford shook the world.

How could it not be, the war at Marineford was between the marine headquarters and Yonko Shirohige.

On Whitebeard's side, there is clearly a living legend who is a rival of the pirate king Roger.

Whitebeard's strength is unquestionable.

Then on the naval stronghold led by Sengoku.

Sengoku is also a living legend like Whitebeard and Garp.

Where they were very successful in their time, and certainly had terrible power.

It turns out that there is something interesting about the war at Marineford after reading One Piece 1080.

Indeed, if you just look at it, the main mission of Sengoku, who is a Fleet Admiral, is to ensure that Ace's execution is carried out.

But after seeing the One Piece 1080 spoiler, it turns out that Sengoku's main mission is only to protect Garp from acting 'stupid'.

The 'stupid' action referred to is like helping Whitebeard to free Ace.

Or also prevent Garp from counterattacking the marines.

During the incident at Marineford, Garp did endure that 'stupid' thing.

But shortly after Ace was killed by Akainu, Garp's mind was immediately confused and changed.

Garp's thoughts at that time, wanted to kill Akainu.

But Garp's 'stupid' actions can be restrained by Sengoku.

Garp also told Sengoku that, he better be like that, otherwise he will kill Akainu right then and there.

So what does this have to do with One Piece 1080 spoilers?

The connection is, we can see the full power of Garp

It can be seen that Garp has just issued one move, Hachinosu Island has been ravaged.

So how about when at Marineford Garp launched his attack on Akainu.

Surely Akainu will be destroyed.
Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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