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One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

There are several factors that are considered to determine why a person's bounty can continue to increase in the One Piece storyline. 

Bounty value is one of the interesting elements presented in Eiichiro Oda's story, as well as a number of other things such as devil fruit or Haki. 

The game value system itself is known to be one of the systems presented by the World Government.

They deliberately present this game value system in order to maintain peace and order throughout the world. 

They hope that with the game value there will be parties who then catch the criminals who are being targeted or being hunted. 

However, what then are the factors to affect one's game value as well as its increase?

Character Strength Levels

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

The first factor that affects one's bounty as well as its increase is the strength level of the characters. 

This is something that Oda often presents in his stories. 

We can see a real example of this from the figure of Monkey D. Luffy. 

Since the beginning of his appearance as a pirate, Luffy's bounty has continued to increase. And this is also in line with the increase in his strength level.

We can see how Luffy's bounty was originally only 30 million Belly. 

However, as Luffy continues to grow stronger, his bounty increases. 

Most recently, after Luffy defeated Kaido and awakened his devil fruit, Luffy's bounty increased to 3 billion Belly. 

This was also mentioned by Law, where according to him the drastic increase in the strength of the Blackbeard pirate crew was the main reason why their bounty also increased rapidly.

Character Threat Level

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

With an extraordinary level of character strength, this will certainly increase the character's threat level in the eyes of the World Government. 

This is yet another factor to affect one's game value as well as its increase. 

When a pirate gets the attention of the navy regarding what they are doing, the amount of their bounty will increase.

The more a person is considered a threat, the bigger the upgrade island and the bounty value. 

We can see this from several characters. An example is Gol D. Roger, who is currently a pirate with the highest bounty.

Or Monkey D. Dragon who is considered the most wanted criminal by the World Government. 

Unfortunately, it is currently unknown how much Dragon's bounty is. 

However, it is clear that the number will not be small.

Character Reputation

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

Once their strength level and threat level are on the radar of the navy and the World Government, it means that their reputation begins to increase. 

The reputation of the character then becomes another factor in increasing the bounty. 

A vivid example of this is Buggy the Clown. 

The World Government only knew that Buggy's reputation was extraordinary.

What's interesting is that besides the World Government, the criminals also know Buggy so well that he is respected by the criminals. 

In fact, in fact, Buggy's strength level is not qualified. 

The increase in status from the Shichibukai to the current Yonko can be said to be truly something extraordinary. 

This was solely because of the reputation of Buggy, who was known as the leader of criminals, the former Roger pirate crew, and even a close figure of Shanks.

The Captain's Game Value

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

Maybe you are a little confused about this point. 

However, there was discussion from Oda Sensei regarding this matter in one of the SBS columns. 

In SBS Volume 91 it is explained that the increase in the bounty of the pirate crew goes hand in hand with the increase in the captain of the pirate crew. 

Why did this happen? 

This is because the World Government is quite difficult to determine their bounty price.

That is the reason why then the value of the Straw Hat crew and also the Worst Generation crew has increased. 

This is because the game value of Luffy and their captain has also increased. 

When Luffy experienced an increase to 3 billion Belly, the entire Straw Hat crew also experienced an increase in bounty as shown at the end of the Wano Country arc.

World Government Engineering

One Piece: 5 Factors That Make Pirate Bounties Increase!

As mentioned above, it is actually difficult for the World Government to determine each game's value. 

Because of that, as the highest authority in the world of One Piece, it's not surprising if they then do engineering related to someone's bounty. 

They may give a person a small or large bounty for various purposes.

An example of how Nico Robin's bounty is so small compared to Sanji or Zoro. 

In fact, he is the smartest figure in the crew who is even the only person who can read Poneglyphs. 

Many speculations say that it was deliberately to cover up the fact. 

On the other hand, apart from manipulating game value, the World Government also often manipulates news or information before spreading it to the public.

Bounty value is a unique system presented in the One Piece story. 

Many characters often experience an increase in the game value. 

And after more than two decades of operation, several factors have influenced the increase in the game's value, as mentioned above.

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